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How to Make Your Lipsticks Last Longer

One cosmetic that can always be found in every girl’s makeup bag is lipstick. But, applying a lipstick can be a very tricky task. Not that it is difficult, but to get the perfect finish and then make it stay longer requires wearing it in the right way. We cannot spend our time in the office or in a party going back and forth to the washroom to give a touch up. The perfect day would be when you can just apply a single slick of lipstick, step out of the house and come back home with the perfect lip color still on.

How to Make Your Lipsticks Last Longer

Many famous brands have introduced products that promise to have a much better long lasting effect and many of them do live up to their promise as well. But, then again, good things don’t come for free. So, why spend a fortune on expensive products when you can get the same effect with a few simple tips and tricks. The range of variety in terms of colors and shades is also appreciable. However, applying a lipstick with the right method is the best way to make sure that it stays longer. Let us take a look as to how can you make your lipstick stay for a longer period.

1. Take care of your lips

How to Make Your Lipsticks Last Longer

The first step towards getting a long lasting color is to appreciate and take care of your lips. If your lips are healthy, they will be able to hold any color more beautifully. You must understand that your lips are very sensitive and if not taken proper care of then they may end up being dry and cracked. They need proper moisture to stay healthy and attractive. Also, always use only those lip products that suit your naïve lips. Always look for the ingredients prior to buying any product. If a certain ingredient doesn’t suit you, skip on to the next product on your list. After all, prevention is better than cure. Check out our recommendation on How to Treat Dry Lips.

2. Use lip caring products to cherish your lips

Using lip caring products is just another way of appreciating and taking care for your lips. It will help in keeping them healthy and hydrated. Start drinking lots of water as the first step. Then, you can move on to other products.

3. Use a lip exfoliator

A lip exfoliator will help you get rid of the dead skin and make them soft and supple. A simple mixture of sugar with honey will do the magic. Apply this mixture on your lips before sleeping every night, however, if you cannot apply it every day, make sure you do it at least 2 times every week.

4. Use a lip balm

How to Make Your Lipsticks Last Longer

Moisturize your lips with a balm every day. But when it comes to applying lipstick, just make sure that your lips are not extra oily. Remove the excess oil with the help of a cotton swab and you are good to go. Check out our recommendation on Best Lip Balm.

5. Use a lip primer

A primer acts as a perfect base for lipsticks. It holds the lipstick strongly and for a long time. It acts as a concealer to hold the color in the right place and prevents the lipstick from smudging around your lip area, thus the edges will look neat and clean.

6. Choose the right shade and apply the lipstick

Choose the shade that compliments your skin tone and then apply it with the help of a lip brush. Use a cotton swab to remove any excess color. Then, cover your lips with a tissue and pat them with a translucent powder. The next step is to apply the second layer of lipstick, again with the help of a brush. Check out our recommendation on Best Lipstick.

7. Apply a lip liner

How to Make Your Lipsticks Last Longer

Once you have applied the color, outline the edges of the lips with a lip liner. The liner should not be too light or too dark; it should be within one or two shades to perfectly blend with the lipstick’s color.

8. Apply lip gloss

Gloss will not only add an extra shimmer to your lips but will also help in holding the lipstick. However, don’t just rub the gloss all over your lips because that will just look downright nasty. Apply a small amount to the centre of your lips and then spread it with the help of a brush. Also, do not use gloss too much as most of them are drying.

9. Try using a long lasting formula

Many brands have introduced lipsticks that promise to have a long lasting formula. And, most of them do live up to their promise. The ingredients used in them add a protective layer to the color thus making your lipstick stay longer. So, do some research and add some of these products in your makeup kit. Check out our recommendation on Best Long Lasting Lipstick.

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