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How to protect DVD disc?

How to protect DVD disc?DVDs/CDs have emerged out as the most reliable and portable means of storage. In spite of the widespread of the digital channels, these optical discs are holding the position of the most important optic way which is distributing the electronic information.

As we all know that everything is having some or the other associated demerits, therefore these discs are also having the protection issue. Today, it has becomes very easy to generate multiple copy of the information stored in a single disc.

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Optical disc protection against copying acts as a very effective measure against the piracy of the DVD. There is a variety of copying software available in the market using with even a beginner can create copy of the original disc. This has made the things very challenging of the commercial DVD. But the DVD protection solution have come up as the antidote to tackle with the piracy offence and protecting the data from being copied. With these applications, the end users need not to perform any additional action for viewing the disc content or launching a new program. These protection softwares doesn’t utilise the low level drives for their functioning against the anti-emulation. It allows legitimate users to create backup copies of their favourite movies.

Why is essential to protect DVD disc?

There is crucial need of protecting the DVD Disc against the illegal copying and piracy of the commercial DVD/CD. Piracy and illegal copying has become big threat for the movie industry. Some of the best DVD Copy software is available in the market such as, 123Copy DVD Gold and DVD Cloner. They are specialised in decrypting the protection and region code in order to create copying of the commercial DVD.

The world is divided into 7 different DVD coding and region. A DVD Burner and DVD authoring software to find the DVD encoding using which you can easily determine where that disc can be played. DVD encryption is very useful for preventing your DVD from being copied.

What are the various options available for protecting disc?

DVD-copy-software-5Protection softwares are in the co-relation with original optical disc topology. Therefore it cannot be launched via emulated or replicated DVD-R/CD disc. Here are some of the most popular protection options which depend upon the number of copies generated and the various methods of replication.
CD/DVD Protection: In this a disc key is required for the activation of the distributed software. After this, the protection system will match the disc key which is entered by the user with the physical parameter associated with the protection installed disc. After this no one can replicate the protected disc without the additional equipment.

CD-R/DVD-R Protection: the best thing about this disc protection software is that it doesn’t require any kind of disc for the activation of the program. Once the software is activated, the system will automatically authenticate the disc and after that no more further action will be required by the user. It will become impossible for someone to crack this protection and replicate the CD.

Keyless DVD/CD Protection: This one is the most common and suitable choice that suits the software distributed in small patches. This method is exclusively dedicated to the DVD-R and CD-R media. This software as its name depicts doesn’t needs and disc key for its activation. The authentication of the program is automatically done once the software is activated. Any household CD/DVD recorder or the disc replication system can burn the protected disc.

DVD Video format protection: this application provides support and protection for all kind of DVD video format for interactive application and movies.

Today, market is loaded with a variety of DVD Protection solution. This software plays a very crucial role in protecting the commercial DVD from illegal copying and piracy. This software built a very strong barrier that no other DVD Copy software can easily break without using any additional equipment. You need to import your edited, digitalised and compressed content into the DVD authoring software.

After that you need to select a perfect encoding bitrate for the DVD disc. Then comes the part where you need select the regions in which you want to make disc playable. Once you are done with all this after following the wizard. The next step is select how many times you want the content of the disc to be copied. If you are not willing to allow any copies of the DVD then zero can be selected. But some of the DVD authoring software does not offer this feature. Now comes the turn of burning the disc. The authoring program will convert it to the MPEG-2 DVD compatibility forming but using the given settings.

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