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How to Remove Lipsticks

Lipsticks have been the favorite makeup essential for every girl. So, in order to make it stick on the lips all day long, we have learnt some very simple yet handy tips and tricks. These tricks not only help in getting the lipstick to stay for longer time but also give the perfect finish to our lips. Moreover, in today’s fast paced world where everyone wants everything to be done within seconds, how can we leave our makeup essentials behind? Of course we have very handy tricks but who will leave the opportunity to skip the long procedure and get the task at hand done in a matter of seconds? So, many famous brands have now introduced lipsticks with a long lasting formula. And, it is because of this brands we don’t have to go and rub our lips with color any time sooner in a party or during the whole day.

How to Remove Lipsticks


But, as they say, every coin has two sides. If there is yin, then there will definitely be a yang. Confused what I’m talking about? Well, yes I agree that these long lasting lipsticks are very helpful but there is just a slight problem at times, there are times when we change our mood, and with changing mood we change our clothes and the makeup of course will be according to the new clothes, or maybe you put on a lipstick in the morning that was the perfect pick for your office attire but now in the evening you have to go to a party and need to wear a different color. What then? Will you just put on clothes that match your lipstick? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The lipstick should be matched according to clothes, right? So, while it is a good thing that these long lasting lipsticks are living up to their promises, it is also like a double edged sword. But don’t worry, just as there are tips to make the lipsticks last longer, we also have some magical steps to get rid of them too. Well, okay, not magical, but they sure do the magic of removing the lipsticks. After all, your lips deserve to have some fresh air too. Let us take a look at the steps you need to take to remove lipstick:

1.Loosen up the stubborn lipstick:

How to Remove Lipsticks

The first and foremost step is to loosen up the color a bit. Don’t just start rubbing your lips insanely. It won’t do any good. Doing so will only result in you looking like a joker because the color will just spread around your lips but won’t get off properly! You can use a lip balm to do the trick. Take a small dime on your finger and apply it on your lips. Saturate your lips with balm. By doing so, the color will blend in with the balm and it will be easier to remove it. Then, let it sit for a few seconds. If you don not know which lip balm to choose, check out our recommendation of Best Lip Balm.

2.Remove the color:

While you are waiting for the balm to loosen up the stubborn lipstick, turn on the geyser or warm some water. Take piece of cloth and wet it with the warm water. Then, wipe your lips gently with this cloth in a circular motion. Don’t rush, or rub like you do while brushing your teeth. Remember that your lips are very supple and needs to be handled gently.

3.Remove any leftover color:

How to Remove Lipsticks

Use a new side or corner of the washcloth, wet it with warm water and repeat the gentle wiping process. Keep repeating this process until the color is completely gone and there is nothing to wipe off.

4.Apply an exfoliator:

How to Remove Lipsticks

After you have removed the lipstick successfully, apply an exfoliator to peel off any dead skin from your lips because let us admit that the long lasting lipstick maintained its promise well but at the same time has had their effect on your lips by making them dry. An exfoliator will help you get rid of any dead skin and will help in making them hydrated to some extent. You can use the products available in market like scrubs or you can make one of your own at home. A mixture of sugar and honey works really well as an exfoliator. Just apply the mixture on your lips and let it sit for some seconds. Here I recommend Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub, it is a effective lip exfoliate with a nice flavor.

5.Rinse off the exfoliate:

How to Remove Lipsticks

Rinse off the exfoliator, scrub or the sugar- honey mixture with warm water. Till now the exfoliator will have done its part of reviving some life back to your lips.

6.Recover your lips with a balm:

Once you have removed the lipstick and exfoliated your lips, it is time to let your lips relax. Apply a good lip balm on your lips and let it get absorbed. Your lips will be perfectly moisturized and all set for the next day.

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