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How to Use Hair Conditioner

Everyone knows that only cleaning your hair is not enough for silky smooth perfect hair. You also need to use right conditioner afterwards. But unlike what the conditioner bottles suggest just leaving the conditioner on your hair for couple of minutes is not enough. Ever wondered why some of your friends may have softer hair than you do even though you both use the same product? Well, it is maybe they know how to use the conditioner in the correct way and that is making all the difference. So read on to know how you can also take the best advantage from your conditioner. Follow these steps and always have shiny gorgeous hair. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.

How to Use Hair Conditioner

Always buy the conditioner and shampoo from the same brand

Well this is no advertising campaign, but it’s a necessary. The products are made this way that the hydration shampoo takes away from your hair is balanced by the conditioner you use afterwards, that is the way all brands make their products. So if you found a shampoo which suits great for your hair then you also need that same brand conditioner and other products. Also do not change the brand so often just because something is new on the market, stick to a brand which is working for you.

Clean your hair very well first

Before you put on the conditioner make sure you have cleaned your hair very well. If your hair has any kind of dirt then it will cause dandruff in your hair, so to get the most benefit of the conditioner leave the shampoo for 10 minutes, and then wash it off. If you see black water coming from your hair, keep washing the hair until you see clean water because dirt and conditioner can result in some serious damage for your hair.

Pay attention to the root of the hair

Always take care of the roots of the hair, as roots get damaged first. That is why most of us suffer from split ends. You need to always start putting the conditioner from the roots, rather than from the top of the head.

How to Use Hair Conditioner

Do not condition the scalp

Do not put conditioner at the scalp as it is now proven that the people who put conditioner on their scalp tends to suffer from dandruff problems. Conditioner makes the scalp wet and oily after you clean it with shampoo, so never use conditioner on scalp for dandruff free hair.

Give it some time so your hair can absorb

Like the shampoo your conditioner too also takes time to work, so just putting it on and wash it off is not going to give the hair long lasting softness. Usually 10 to 15 minutes is enough for conditioner to work properly, and then wash it off gently, do not pressure on the wait hair.

How to Use Hair Conditioner

Use a deep conditioner

If your hair is extremely dry then use a deep conditioner as your hair needs more moisture than normal hair. But if you are using deep conditioner then make sure that you wash the product well after the suggested time, if some products left on your hair it will give you dandruff. Check out our recommendation on Best Hair Conditioner for Damaged Hair.

Find a natural conditioner

Stay away from conditioners that have too much chemicals in them, as regular use of those products can damage your hair. Try looking at the back of the conditioner bottles to see the ingredients list. The more natural the ingredients are the better for hair.
Some conditioners also mention that it will give your hair some volume, choose those ones if you are going to attend a party. Check out our recommendation on Best Organic Hair Conditioner.

Live in conditioner

If you are busy and your hair is a mess then you can use dry shampoo and leave in conditioner on your hair. It will make your hair soft instantly but do not forget to follow it up with regular washing your hair and conditioning, as this is no permanent solution. Leave in conditioner is also great for styling your hair. It gives the hair a glow and does not dry the hair like gel. Check out our recommendation on Best Leave In Hair Conditioner.

How to Use Hair Conditioner

But conditioner alone cannot give you great hair. You also need to eat fruits, rich diet and drink plenty of water all day to be healthy inside. Once you are healthy from inside then you will also able to have healthy hair and nails. Wash the hair every day, and if you go out in day time a lot then try wearing a hat or scarf to protect your hair from the damages of UV rays. If you do not see any results after using a conditioner then change the product as soon as possible. Women who suffer from dandruff should stay away from live in conditioner as it will be more harmful for their hair; lastly use good branded products instead of cheap ones.

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