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How to Wash your Face Properly

Washing the face is must at least twice a day to pull out all the dirt, sweat and makeup. Some women are so busy and lazy that they spend just 1-2 seconds in washing the face leaving some dirt, soap and other residue on the face which cause breakouts. But you should take some time to wash your face properly. If your face is not washed and cleaned properly then effects of the other following products like moisturizer, serum and toner become useless. Washing the face properly is a few steps process that can help you in washing and cleaning the face deeply.

How to Wash your Face Properly

1. Tie your hair tightly

Pull your hair back to tie it before you wash your face. As hair can fall on the face which creates irritation while washing and the hair can be wet too if not tied. You can use a shower cap for washing the face while taking bath.

2. Splatter water on face

Always use warm water to wash your face properly. Hot water removes more oil from face so face is over dried if washed with hot water. Also hot water is harsh for sensitive skin. Warm water is always best as it can open up the pores and helps you to clean from deep inside. If you want then you can take the steam of warm water also to perfectly open the pores. Lukewarm water melts away the dirt and makes it easy to remove from skin. So start washing your face with lukewarm water to get a smooth and normal skin. But never go for cold water as it is not able to clean the pores deeply so the pores remain clogged and air circulation does not take place on the face.

How to Wash your Face Properly

3. Apply cleanser or soap on face

Apply the cleanser or soap then gently all over the face. If you are using a cleanser that contains beads or small particles then rub your face politely with the particles so that the dead cells will come out and face will be smooth and soft. But if you are using soap then a soft cloth can be used to rub the face. But do not rub harshly as it can create redness and wrinkles on the face. Message the cleanser gently on the T-Zone areas as oil production is more on that area. The hairline should be rubbed gently to remove the sweat and clean the edge of the nose and ear properly. Always move your hands on face in outward direction to prevent sagging.

How to Wash your Face Properly

4. Wash face with warm water

Do the cleaning process for around 30 seconds and rinse off your face with water. Put more water on face and then gently rub the face so that everything goes away with water. If anything is left over the skin then pores get blocked which makes the skin destroyed by misbalancing the Skin’s PH level. Also skin may become dry by the residue on the skin. Put more attention on the hairline, jaw line, edges of nose and ear.

5. Wipe off with towel

Use a soft towel to wipe your face. Do not dry your face with the help of a cloth. Cloth is little harsh than towel and rubbing with this makes the skin irritated, stretched and some imperfections like wrinkles, fine lines are observed as a result.

6. Apply toner

If your skin is too oily or you get acne frequently then you need to apply toner after wiping off the face as toner can take out the extra oil that is left after washing the face with cleanser. But it should be free of alcohol and paraben. Alcohol makes the skin too dry that creates more imperfections on your face. Check out our recommendation on best face toner.

How to Wash your Face Properly

7. Apply moisturizer at last

Moisturizer is used not to clean the face more but it hydrates the skin and provides moisture to enhance the wash and offers a smooth and glowing skin. If you have a dry skin then choose the moisturizer that can provide more moisture to the face and for acne prone skin the moisturizer should be non oily. And if you go out after washing the face then choose a moisturizer that has SPF of 15-30 so that your skin is protected from the sunlight. Check out our recommendation on best face cream.

So this is the whole process to wash your face properly. This may sound funny but some people are unknown about the process and finish the whole thing so quickly that face is not cleaned properly and some foam or residue stays back on the face which causes reverse effects on the skin. So don’t be in hurry to wash your face rather take time and gently wash the face to make it more healthy, glowing and smooth.

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