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HP Envy 15t Review

When buying a laptop, it is necessary to check whether the gizmo works efficiently. It should take up less power but perform at a higher speed. The computing technologies must be assessed and buyers must find out the purpose of owning the computing device. For instance, HP Envy 15t is an eye-catching laptop that has 4th generation processor, one terabyte (TB) storage capacity, and an added graphics card for seamless viewing of videos, images, graphs, presentations, and movies. But are these features enough to make you spend near $1,000 for a laptop? Read on to know more.

HP Envy 15T review


Just like any mini-PC, HP Envy 15t is a handy tool for executives who are on the move and require their computer while traveling. The body is made of carbon-fiber material. Naturally, it is lighter and slimmer than other HP products (laptops). There is a 15.6 inch screen and a full-sized keyboard. So, the laptop is not all that trimmer than the ultrabooks. The laptop can be placed on the lap easily to do various tasks.

HP Envy 15T review

HP Envy 15t is just right for users who work on multimedia files, especially those dealing with heavy graphics files and videos. The chiclet-style keyboard is comfortable to use and black in color. There is no keyboard flex. The weight is however, disappointing at 2.5kg. Ultrabooks or other laptops of near similar configuration weigh less than this laptop. The laptop, which measures (379.47 x 250.69 x 30) mm, is also bulky and not-easy to carry around.


It has Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor that allows a speed of 2.5GHz. Additionally, there is 6MB L3 cache option as well. The internal memory is just like a well-to-do ultrabook – 8GB DDR3. The RAM is good enough to provide a memory speed of 1600MHz. The storage capacity is also quite remarkable – 1TB hard drive. This is protected by HP ProtectSmart Protection utility.

The laptop has numerous ports to ensure that the laptop can easily connect to the web or sync files with another computing device. There is no touchscreen option in the laptop though. The BrightView HD screen has an LED-backlit option. The screen resolution is at 1366×768 pixels. There is also the Intel HD Graphics 4600 for better video display.

Although there is no optical drive or internal DVD or CD drive, yet the laptop is still capable of checking out a video file through its web-enabled capabilities. There is an SD card slot, numeric keypad, and a HD webcam.


The computing technology makes the laptop capable of working at a superfast processing speed. The battery life and its ability to withstand external pressures make it useful for traveling. The processor for instance, can accommodate TurboBoost know-how and increase the speed up to 3.4GHz. The RAM’s capacity can also be increased up to 16GB. Apart from 1000GB storage capacity, the users can store 1792MB graphics memory in the graphics card.

The battery has a modest 4.5 hour battery life. The 6-cell battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion one. A better battery life would have worked wonders for those who use laptops especially while traveling. Although the laptop has been made for those who want to work with multimedia files or watch movies, yet the screen resolution is not good enough for watching HD movies. A better resolution would have been far better.

Nevertheless, there is Beats Audio tool with 4 Speakers, a combo jack that includes connection with headphone and microphone, one HDMI, and one RJ45 port. The laptop is equipped with high speed transferring utility, USB3.0 port. The USB uses SuperFast technology and has the capacity of using USB Boost to promote the speed even further. The users can also connect wirelessly through WLAN.


Help and Customer Support

Users who want to know more about the laptop and its features can check for user manual guides or information on software tools at HP’s customer assistance facility. There are also tips and tricks to troubleshoot various snags that may occur with the system. Videos and manuals are uploaded on the site. The website also highlights warranty details of the product. If however, you still want to contact HP, you can ping the customer care officers. Ready chat options are available to speak to the officers.


At a price of $1,099, the cost is high. You can bargain for a high quality ultrabook instead. The laptop is quite bulky than the laptop. The screen resolution is also not as high as available in ultrabooks. Nevertheless, you are getting a high performing 4th generation processor and a high storage option as well.

So, if you are working on multimedia and graphic files and require downloading apps and storing HD files, HP Envy is noteworthy.

HP Envy 15t $709.99
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