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HP Pro X2 410 11.6-Inch 128 GB Tablet Review

Sally XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¼ (4.35) Updated On: Mar 20, 2015

HP Pro X2 410 11.6-Inch Tablet – an exceptionally good device

The HP Pro X2 410 is a two-in-one tablet with keyboard that can help you use it as a desktop, laptop, and tablet. Based on the HP Pavilion 11 X2,the pro comes with more options and features which can help you perform your tasks effectively. The battery life is good and the processing power is very high which makes it suitable for high tasks. See more electronic reviews here.

HP Pro X2 410 11.6-Inch 128 GB Tablet Review


The tablet costs $1200.00 which cannot be termed as expensive. When you compare the features and specifications present inside it, you are impressed to a certain extend. The pricing is the best thing that could have happened to HP in a long time. You may not be able to find better pricing. If you are looking for a device that comes at a reasonable price, then this is the best option.

HP Pro X2 11.6-Inch Tablet
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There is not much to say about the design as there are no updates performed on that. The design of the tablet is good. It cannot be termed as sleek and slim like other devices, but it is noteworthy nevertheless. You cannot compare it to the iPad kind of designs, but it is well designed with the screen and edges well shaped.


The tablet features two-in-one removable design, fine keyboard, quality mouse and a very quiet fan. The integrated ports and additional battery allow you to perform several activities.

If you like to type a lot, then you would be happy with this device held in your hands. The flexible keys present in the tablet enable you to type in without any hassles.


The 11.6 screen is large and comes with a responsive touch screen. The picture quality is not very good however, which is surprising keeping in mind that it is a HP product. HP is known to provide products that come with excellent picture quality.

The bright color with the 1366×768 resolution is delightful to your eyes. The HD touch screen is something which could enable you to perform all your tasks efficiently. You will be annoyed with the fact that there is no integrated stand. Apart from that, you cannot use the reverse ‘display’ mode which cause users a certain extend of irritability.

VerdictHP Pro X2 410 11.6-Inch 128 GB Tablet Review

The specifications in this tablet may not impress all. However, the performance is rather good.

The case of the tablet is strong and durable, which is a great thing to know. It can help you perform your tasks with ease. If you are running a small sized business or need a tablet that can alternate as a desktop, then this is the device. If you are a heavy gamer, then you may want to look elsewhere as the device may not be able to keep up.

The HP Pro faces competition in the form of devices including the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Pro 3. Both of them are pretty good and HP will have to think harder if they want their devices to get noticed in the market.

Review Overall

Summary: When you are looking for a device that is perfect and can help you perform several tasks, then you know that you have something which can help you out here.
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