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iContact Review

JohnReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.4) Updated On: Sep 11, 2014

iContact Review

Launched in 2003, internet email marketing provider – iContact (www.icontact.com) has been providing email and social marketing solutions since the company launched in 2003.  The company helps in addressing large senders or subscribers in a jiffy and is very user friendly and even newbies doesn’t need the knowledge in designing or writing emails. iContact template-based email builder helps in doing just this and more. Let’s check whether it is within the reach of small businesses.

Contact Management

There are different types of customers. Some are just passive window shoppers while few more are apprehensive buyers. There are existing customers who remain steadfastly loyal and those who are new to the market. iContact allows seamless integration of contacts from various sources, social media sites, email accounts, smartphone contacts, and more. It also helps in:

  • Offering a detailed search option to segregate and isolate specific group of customers.
  • Updating subscriber list from one email campaign to another.
  • Allowing users to customize fields and sort customers from the searches done earlier.
  • Providing sign-up forms company website, Facebook accounts, and more.
  • Managing automated subscription preferences.
  • Importing contacts through tools, such as 123ContactForm, Viewbix (getting contacts through videos), and Salesforce (getting sales leads through various sources).

The contact management techniques also address bouncing of mails, unsubscribed mails, and spam complaints.

Email Creation & Sending

iContact Review

iContacts allows its users to either create their own emails or seek help from in-house designers to for a custom-made design. It is also possible to select a template from at least 500 email templates – especially for newsletters. There are one-column templates, postcard templates, and two-column templates. Users will be able to drag-n-drop content blocks to create the emails.

There are 1000 and more images as well. It is also possible to embed web forms and links. There is an image editing tool through which images can be resized, cropped, or scaled as required. So, in a nutshell, users can tweak the templates and create a fresh email.

iContact also has a option to edit and compose content for the email. The MessageBuilder utility allows the user to even change the background color, image, or margins through this tool. The MessageCoder tool allows the user to compare the HTML and design versions and tweak with the codes. Sending of the emails is also done seamlessly by integrating the contact list and testing the mail in multiple browsers.

Email Reporting and Tracking

The brilliance of iContact is that it allows the user to get a bigger picture of the email campaign through detailed reporting and tracking. Detailed web analytics is also done in this part of the email campaign. Some top features one can expect from reporting and tracking include:

  • Exporting of data generously to track campaigns – includes exporting data from excels and csv files. Users can sort and search the data in various ways to get a first-hand report of the campaign.
  • Multiple reporting creating solutions – includes various types of charts, graphs, and diagrams to ensure users can easily find out how the campaign has progressed.
  • Detailed tracking statistics of all emails – includes a detailed list of emails and recipient behavior towards the mail. It includes whether the mails were read or blocked, and so on.
  • Google Analytics – Tracking and conversion rates are seen with respect to the company’s email and social media interaction. It states whether the email campaign had brought in new customers or not.

The tracking is done immediately and in real time to ensure no time is lost and all data is available to the user.

Pricing Value

There are different types of plans depending mostly on the number of subscribers that are available in the list. These include:

  • $14 per month for addressing 500 subscribers.
  • $29 per month for addressing 2500 subscribers.
  • $47 per month for addressing 5000 subscribers.

There is an option to allow the customers to try the service for free for some time. In fact, there are more plans where fees change with the change in subscribers. Users need to contact the management in case there are more than 15,000 email list for a customized solution.

Customer Support

There is a detailed help section that allows existing users or new users to address their problems or queries. There are options to chat with the customer care representatives, call them, or sent an email. It is also possible to check the knowledge base for valuable information or see video tutorials to get started.

There is a suitable plan for all types of businesses. iContact can manage large database and seamlessly use various tools to manage email marketing campaigns with ease.

Review Overall

Summary: iContact offers a substandard email marketing software. The company lets users create and track an effective professional email campaign along with autoresponders, surveys, and more. iContact is one of the top email marketing service available today and will meet your email marketing needs, whether you're a professional or SMB.

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