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Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist Review

I have tried many Jurlique products, mask, powder, hand cream… In this post I’m going to do a review about Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist. I love most of Jurlique’s beauty products, but to be honest, this mist didn’t impress me as much as other products do. If you are not a fan of Jurlique, I won’t recommend this one then.

How Does Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist Look Like?

The product was purchased on Amazon at $34.00 for 100ml. I’ve always very fond of Jurlique’s package, simple yet classic. The mist comes in beautiful white glass bottle, with a pump on the top. The pump worked well at the beginning, I can feel the gentle and rich mist in the air. But it got lousy as the product used up. I can’t get the water pumped up properly from time to time. I’m not sure if it’s just this one or the whole product line that has the problem. I don’t think it’s the right design for a product worthies $34. Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist Review

Smells Good?

The smell of Jurlique products is always delightful. The citrus mist is no exception of course. Although the product is not a satisfactory one overall, it does convey a sweet yet fresh aroma. The light scent of lemon would cheer you up at once in the early morning.

Does Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist Work?

Well it really depends on your criteria. I would say it’s an adequate toner. It achieves the effect many other toners do, but nothing more. I don’t hate it, but I did expect more from it. I use it after cleanser and before moisturizer to get my skin ready for the next step. It soothes and tones the skin quickly, leaving no sticky feeling behind. My skin feels softer and refreshed instantly. But I don’t think it can rebalance oiliness and provide antioxidant protection as it’s claimed so. I have combination to oily skins, but I can see no difference after using this mist. Will I repurchase this Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist? Probably not. It’s an adequate toner like I said, but I can replace it with many other products, only cheaper. Plus when I check the ingredient list, I noticed that alcohol comes in the second amongst the long list, right after water. And it contains some rather irritating ingredients like lemon and lactic acid, which makes the purifying mist not appropriate for sensitive or dry skins. Nevertheless, Jurlique is still my favourite as a natural brand. If you are also a fan of Jurlique, and happen to have normal to oily skins, Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist would not be a bad option. Otherwise you might want to save the money for a more effective toner.

Here’s the complete ingredients just for your reference:

Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist ingredient

Jurlique Mist Review

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