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Kindle DX Review

Avid book readers today don’t wait to visit the city library to borrow books to read. They just pull out their e-reader and start reading from where they had finished earlier. If you think the write ups will be cramped in a small screen, think twice. The whooping 9.7 inch display of the Kindle DX e-book reader is just as good as reading a magazine. The e-reader is equipped with wireless connectivity and multimedia options too. So, users can simply log in and download an e-book from Amazon Kindle store – at anytime of the day or night.

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Kindle DX has just the right display where the font size is just like what one usually reads in a printed paper. In fact, it allows the user to increase or decrease the font size. The high contrast and high resolution give the reader the option to tweak the sharpness and contrast of the text or images. While the display is modestly big as compared to 6-inches models, the display technology used in the e-reader is the E-Ink Pearl knowhow that gives a paper-like feel. There is no reflection, no glare, no backlit lights or the feel of an LCD screen.  The screen resolution is modestly 1200 x 824 pixel resolution at 150 ppi (that is good enough for a black-n-white display).

Kindle DX Review


Those who want to read modestly big fonts but settle for a larger display will love Kindle DX. True, Kindle DX has a gigantic dimension of 26.4 x 18.3 x 1.0 cm compared to what e-readers usually are. It has a physical keyboard (as against touchscreen keyboards in many e-readers). Naturally, the huge e-reader is also heavy (it weighs nearly 600 grams). So, it isn’t possible to tuck it in a small handbag but carry it nevertheless in somewhat big shoulder bag.

Even though, it is quite bulky, it is good enough to be used while travelling. The e-reader is equipped with 3G connectivity and compatible with Amazon Whispernet, In fact, 3G connectivity is free and sans any annual maintenance charge as well. So, readers can chat or read online without worrying about connectivity and usage options. In short, Kindle DX is thoroughly portable in this respect.



Kindle DX has 4GB of internal storage capacity out of which 3.3GB can be used by the user. The e-reader does not require a PC to be used – as a result, there is no system requirement for this gadget. Although one would have expected the substantially bigger and robust e-reader to have a color display, it is not so. The display supports 4-bit monochrome with 16-level grayscale option.

As the users read through the text, they can bookmark, save articles, highlight paragraphs, find meanings from the dictionary or get better information on the text by quickly visiting the web (with a click). The reader can read hours without getting a headache as the text is sharper and the contrast is high.

Kindle DX is a near-perfect e-reader from Amazon for avid readers who live in the US. As 3G is free, the users can download at least 3500 books or more from the Kindle Store. A free in-built access to the Wikipedia is also available.


Kindle DX supports not only Amazon’s AZW file format, but also other e-book formats, such as PDF, TXT, MOBI, PRC, PDF or TXT files. The battery is powerful enough to allow a reader to read up to 10,000 pages. When the battery requires charging, it can be recharged using a USB cable and plugging it to a computer. Power adapter is also available. So, the gadget is of a perfect piece when it is meant just for reading purposes. In the US, the downloading option is also cost-effective than for buyers who do not reside in the country.

Although the e-reader has a web browser, it is not all that sophisticated. There is no video option either. Readers will be able to view monochromatic images. The songs cannot be categorized as well.

Customer Support

Amazon, which markets Kindle DX, offers a friendly customer support center. Users can avail a 1-year limited warranty if their e-reader develops a snag within the period. There is also a 2-year extended warranty for US customers only. For more details about the terms and conditions of using the product, check the Amazon website.


At a price of $250, this e-reader is rather expensive. Although it provides readers with useful features to read text continuously and comfortably, yet it lacks many facilities compared to what other e-readers can do. It is also expensive for the non-US buyers who want to buy books from the Kindle Store.

So, unless you have really fallen for the large-size display and uninterrupted and comfy reading Kindle DX is rather expensive gizmo to use.

Kindle DX $249

Review Overall

Summary: Readers who like to read with a large font and display should try the Kindle DX, but if the weight and portability will be a big problem, may be other eReaders will be a better choice.
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