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Kindle Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★☆ (4) Updated On: Jul 14, 2014

Amazon released Kindle e-book reader as a gift to book lovers who travel frequently. Apart from useful readability features, the gizmo allows web access – and, parental control as well. So, it is a wonderful entertainment for kids who easily get bored in long journeys. One can play games, read comics, stories books, and more without the hassle for carrying lofty paperback editions. But, why pick a Kindle when there are so many in the market?

Kindle Review


Tablet screens have a glare. Yet, Kindle has a matte screen which does not shine even when readers are reading under direct sunlight. The E-Ink technology gives a superb real paper-like reading. A cent percent aperture ratio ensures that there is no space between pixels. As a result, image quality is good and hand-built fonts look crisper and sharp. The contrast ratio is uniform which permits users to view the Kindle text at any angle – without changing the viewing angle. There is same brightness in the screen – so, readers don’t have to adjust their eyes when they look elsewhere while reading.

Users can bookmark pages using Whispersync technology, download at least 1 million e-books from Amazon library, highlight text, view the web, check the dictionary for meanings, and get an international language support. The custom-made fonts and 8 adjustable sizes help users to tweak the text as per their requirement. Pages also turn fast and seamlessly as well. The screen is specially made to ensure no oily fingerprint stains or smudges are imprinted while using the e-reader.

Kindle Review


At 170 grams, it is a useful portable library one can carry on a busy day. Kindle also fits comfortably in a pocket (165.75 mm x 114.5 mm x 8.7 mm). There is also an option to use a leather cover that has microfiber interiors. The sleek and hardy e-book reader is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and does not require a PC for downloading stuff.
The battery will perform at least for a month (half-an-hour reading daily) without glitches. They can be fully charged within 3 hours. Unlike tablets or smartphones which require huge power for sustenance, the Kindle e-reader does not require additional power to maintain a page on the screen.

Kindle Review


The 6 inch display offers 16-level grayscale and a resolution of 167 ppi. Kindle stores 2 GB worth data. Although there is no capacity of storing more data – no MicroSD slot available – yet, users can access cloud storage option for further reading. It supports Txt, PDF, MOCI, PRC, and Kindle Format 8 (AZW3). Users can check HTML and various images files too. The documents can be emailed through the e-reader. Documents received by the e-reader will be published on the screen as well. The documents will be in Kindle format though. A USB 2.0 charging cable is also available with the e-reader. Comics can also be read.

There is a 5-way controller to facilitate on-screen navigation. Kindle also allows seamless integration with Amazon’s free web learning tool – Whispercast. Readers can get information on real-page numbers too. The e-reader is compatible with Kindle app utilities. Downloading of an e-book generally takes a minute. One can also enjoy free use of Wi-Fi and AT&T hotspots.

Owners of a Kindle e-reader will have ready access to Kindle Matchbook where popular editions are sold at low prices. There are about 40,000 titles in the Kindle library. Some well-known books are available in the public domain – and, readers can read them without a cost. The personalized library, which owners have sorted in their e-readers, is automatically registered in the cloud. This ensures that the library is not lost even if the data is lost from the e-reader. The information and data can be downloaded from the cloud back to the e-reader’s memory – for free.

Kindle Review


The sleek and simple Kindle is just right for growing net-savvy kids. In fact, it is often used as a study tool. The inbuilt powerful processor allows quick refresh rate and ensures pages turn in a jiffy. The e-reader opens a vista of a huge collection of books, journals, newspapers, and reviews. Light and small, Kindle works flawlessly in remote areas too.

Customer Support

There is a detailed web help which can be accessed anytime to get a suitable customer support. Users need to visit tech support centre to check up all possible troubleshooting solutions and syncing issues. There is a 1-year limited warranty and service. For US customers, the there is a 2-year extended warranty as well.


At price of about $79, Kindle is a suitable purchase for those who want pick up an edutainment kit for their kids. Although more varieties have come up in the market, Kindle appeals people who want net facilities as well as reading options from the e-reader.

Review Overall

Summary: Kindle is no doubtfully the No.1 choice if you are looking for an e-book reader.
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