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Kobo Aura HD Review

Travelers commuting large distances are often seen with an e-reader. Although there are many in the market, kobo Aura HD is the latest fascination for those who prefer an attractive e-book that displays clear fonts without straining the eye. But, will an e-reader owner buy this tool from the market and get rid of the earlier gadget? Take your pick.

Kobo Aura HD Review

Kobo Aura HD Review on Readability

All e-readers have a paper-like feel. But kobo Aura HD takes E Ink knowhow to its zenith which allows readers to get the near-ultimate paper-like display. The technology also allows a higher resolution of 1440 x 1080 and 265 dpi which gives clarity in reading. As the surface area is little broader than the existing e-books, the readers can view better and bigger words – at least 30 percent bigger than other gadgets in the market.

Packed with TypeGenius, kobo Aura HD gives users the option to select a suitable style from a list of 10 and size ranging till 24. Not to forget the adjustable front light in the display which removes the distracting uneven backlight. In fact, users can even switch off and on the back light.

Kobo Aura HD Review on Portability

Just 240 grams is enough to suggest that kobo Aura HD is easy-to-carry. But note — a little larger screen than its contemporaries, the gizmo will not exactly fit into your pocket. It measures 128 x 175 x 11 mm – a little broader than the existing e-readers. Nevertheless, with a battery backup for up to 2 months and a storage capacity of 3000 e-books and more, it is quite resourceful for reading at any place and situation.

Kobo Aura HD Review

Kobo Aura HD Review on Features

The e-reader has 1GHz processor that is capable to fast page turns and refresh rates. Readers can customize the screen. They can be toggle page numbers and get their readability. In fact, legibility can be customized. Users can tweak the brightness, font size, alignments, space in-between lines, and highlights. The e-reader allows automatic bookmarking. Readers can use ‘Beyond the book’ feature to get more information on a topic or phrase from the e-book, online. The ‘reading life’ feature ensures that the readers can socialize in the social networking sites.
kobo Aura can be programmed to turn pages by a touch-option. There’s wish-list section where readers can keep a list of e-books they want to read in future. Various dictionaries are integrated in the system – it includes monolingual dictionaries too! kobo Aura HD is compatible with EPUB, eMOBI, and PDF. All major types of images and text can be viewed easily. The e-book has 4GB space. One can add a 32GB MicroSD card and store around 30, 000 e-books.
There are many useful utilities packed in the e-reader. For instance, the Pocket software allows the users to store web articles that they may come across while browsing. These can be read later by using the online tool. A basic browser is available with the gizmo. However, with only 16 grayscale option, it will not be interesting. Aura HD has a paperclip slot – it can be used for restarting the e-reader. A port to charge the device is also available beside the slot.

Kobo Aura HD Review

Kobo Aura HD Review on Quality

The aura of the latest e-reader from kobo cannot be missed. As it works on Android interface, the system is reliable and resilient. Refresh rate is after every 12 pages or so (In Kobo Glo, the rate is after every 6 pages or so). There is no flashing or text ghosting in the Aura HD. The touchscreen is quite developed than other kobo models. The capacitive screen responds quite well.
In other words, it is a useful product for readers who want crisp reading for hours on end without troubling the eye. Additional features have made it a convenient e-book for avid surfers. Sleek and beautiful, kobo Aura is also comfortable to carry around just like a book. However, some users may feel it is a little ‘buggy’ as screen is quite wide.

Kobo Aura HD Review on Customer Support

There is a 24/7 customer support facility for all kobo products. Although there are user guides and troubleshooting manuals to help users to troubleshoot the problem themselves, there is also a dedicated helpdesk to facilitate customer queries. Users can visit Kobo to find solutions to your problems on kobo Aura HD.

Kobo Aura HD Review on Pricing

kobo Aura is for the niche market and can be purchased online at $149 – an amount can pinch your pocket if you check out similar products in the market. But don’t forget, you will be getting a far more developed product that is sleek, beautiful, and handy.

If you love to read online and want to pamper yourself, it is a useful pick today.

Kobo Aura HD
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Review Overall

Summary: Kobo Aura HD is a well received e-book reader with excellent features and quality. It makes a great option for customers.
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