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Kobo Glo Review

Sleek, slender, e-book reader, such as kobo Glo is a dream for many newbie executives who need to travel frequently in a busy public transport. Out of the many available in the market, one wonders why a customer will choose kobo Glo. Those who have already experienced a non-lit background display will know the convenience reading e-books through kobo Glo. Read on to know more.

Kobo Glo Review


From a non-lit e-reader, kobo Glo is a remarkable change. The front-end back light is more-or-less evenly distributed and does not produce splotches – a glitch seen in earlier e-readers. The nano-printed fiber-optic film allows diffused light to emit without displaying the source. In fact, it is possible to adjust the ‘Comfort Light’ in the Kobo Glo e-reader.

However, in doing so text ghosting is noticed at times. The e-reader is nevertheless equipped with utilities to change the sharpness and contrast of the text to make reading hassle-free.

In fact, many find this simple-to-use e-book handy during bedtime. The XGA E-Ink integrated technology allows a smooth 212 pixels-per-inch resolution for comfortable reading at any time. In other words, it signifies that tiny specks of ink blend with each pixel in the screen. This offers homogeneity in the text – giving it a paper-like legibility. Additionally, the contrast ratio is also high. All these factors, gives rise to crisper and clearer text.

The gizmo has Type Genius that offers 10 font styles and up to 24 units size. In fact, Kobo Glo offers special fonts that are created by Kobo authorized typography experts. So, users can also choose from these specialized fonts. Equipped with built-in translator, dictionary, and ‘touch-to-turn-pages’ facilities, kobo Glo offers happy browsing to avid readers.

Kobo Glo Review


Noted for being durable, the e-book reader is just right to be tucked in a handbag and taken out to be used during travel. In fact, kobo Glo has earned a name as a resilient e-reader as it can withstand a drop from a height of 3 feet! It is light weight (only 185 grams) that can fit into a jacket pocket (114 x 157 x 10 mm). It can easily store 1000 e-books. An additional micro SD card will allow the tool to store 30, 000 e-books. In short, it is a portable library which travelers can carry anywhere.


Kobo Glo is equipped with a power-saver protective cover which is good-looking and functional. When closed, the e-reader switches to a ‘sleep’ mode while opening it will make it glow. The kobo e-reading app is available without any cost that can integrate into any well-known smartphones and tablets in the market. Compatible with EPUB, PDF, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBR, and CBZ, the e-book reader can display any e-book precisely.

The users can highlight notes, share views from e-book in social media sites, place bookmarks, and personalize their online library. It is possible to draw up a custom list, track favorite series with images, go for multiple views, and so on.

Kobo e-reader uses infrared touch know how that provides clarity in the text. As no other technology or materials are used in the touch operation, the result is efficient and quick. LED lights are used to provide the subtle glow for the screen. These are not only durable but also have anti-reflecting properties. Added to this illumination, the high resolution offered by Pearl E-Ink technology is a delight for the users.

kobo Glo allows users to comfortably control brightness and zoom-in PDFs. The gadget has powerful batteries that support 70 hours of continuous browsing. The Wi-Fi savvy e-reader has a high resolution XGA Pearl E-Ink display. The touch-screen gives a paper-like feel to the 6 inch browser.

Kobo Glo Review


The integrated light of Kobo Glo offers a comfortable glow that does not strain the eye. The text is also sharp and crisp. The durable and sleek gadget supports sophisticated IR-based touch technology that allows users to skillfully use the e-reader with just a tip of their finger. Users can sort books, categorize them, and seamlessly track reading trend. The powerful 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networking systems help readers to access the web and kobo’s dedicated ebook store.

Customer Support

kobo has set up a round-the-clock customer support desk to address issues related to kobo products. There are user guides and manuals to troubleshoot glitches. Alternatively, readers can check out by clicking here.


kobo Glo is priced at $129 – a high-end product. There are some e-readers that cost lesser than Kobo Glo. But, the latter is lightweight, resilient, and has evenly-distributed light. So, Kobo Glo is the suitable buy for looking for a decent and simple e-book reader.

If money isn’t an issue, you can check out this high-end product. The readability traits and the quality of the product will surely catch your attention.

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Summary: Kobo Glo is an ideal e book reader which provides comfort light for reading in darker place.
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