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Kobo Mini Review

Sally XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★☆ (4) Updated On: Jul 15, 2014

Here is a great piece of news for those parents who want to gift their big kids a wonderful e-reader. The Kobo Mini is a cute, 5 inch e-book reader that suits small hands. Affordably priced, the gizmo has many features to appeal avid readers. Yet, with so many e-readers in the market one wonders whether Kobo Mini will be able to stay ahead from its competitors. Let’s check its brilliance and shortcomings to get the answer.

Kobo Mini Review


The sleek looking Kobo Mini allows readers to read even under direct sunlight as the touchscreen is glare-free. The fonts look crisper and sharp. It is also possible to tweak the display settings to get the ideal front-light and background contrast. There is no backlight though. The Vizplex V110 screen allows 16 levels of grayscale and a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. This is good enough for newbie readers. The eyes don’t strain and the screen remains accurate – thanks to infrared technology used in the touchscreen. A simple and intuitive interface allows young readers to quickly understand the system.

Kobo Mini Review

There are 10 styles to choose. The size can be picked through a convenient slider near the border. The readers can increase the font size, double the space between the lines, zoom in PDFs, and control font weight, contrast, and sharpness. Users will also be able to highlight, bookmark, and translate text. They can access dictionary, social media sites, access Kobo library, sync books from the already-available Kobo account, and import third-party app for further reading.


At 134 gram, Kobo Mini is one of the lightest e-reader available in the market. The design fits pockets and handbags with perfect ease (102 x 133 x 10 mm). The 5-inch display allows young readers to flip pages conveniently even during a busy journey. As the back side is of matte finish, it is not slippery and users can get a firm grip. The batteries can operate for a month without Wi-Fi when the e-reader is read for 4 hours per day. All tasks can be done through touch operations. Just the power slider must be manually operated. It is placed on the top of the Kobo Mini e-reader.

Kobo Mini Review


The gadget stores nearly 1,000 e-books. Kobo Mini lacks MicroSD slot which would have given the users a chance to store more e-books. The 800 MHz processor makes the gizmo a little slower than the other e-readers in the market. However, the e-book reader is compatible with EPUB, MOBI and Adobe DRM (which signifies that one can pick books from the public library).

Just like most e-readers, this one too offers Reading Life application, tracking statistics, and a Micro-USB connection for charging the e-device. Kobo Mini allows comic reading as it is compatible with CBZ and CBR files. Text files, images, and HTMLs can also be accessed by the device.

Although the e-book collection is huge, there are not many periodicals in the Kobo library. Moreover, Kobo Mini does not allow sharing or lending of e-books. The e-reader does not have an additional storage option. So, one cannot place a MicroSD card to store thousands of e-books that most e-readers provide.


Even with a budget price, Kobo Mini offers its readers a paper-like feel due to its E-Ink technology. The compact e-reader is durable and perfectly made for touch commands. However, the resolution is not as high as that of high-end Kobo products. The tool takes a little more time to refresh as well (it refreshes roughly after every 6 pages) – but it is not very frustrating though.

Kobo Mini Review

Some critics may point at a little bit ghosting of text. Even this glitch is not irritating.  Equipped with wireless connectivity of 802.11 b/g/n bandwidth, the e-book reader is a standard piece for comfortable reading. Many tend to compare it with Kinder and Nook e-readers. But, it suits for those who want durable piece with smaller text area.

Customer Support

A dedicated customer care cell is available to address queries and problems of Kobo products. There are also user manuals and troubleshooting guides to help users. E-book users can check out detailed tech specs by keying in ‘Kobo Mini’ in the text box to know more about the product’s functionalities.


At just $79, Kobo Mini is a perfect treat for young readers or students. It has enough features to ensure readers can comfortably read and manage their e-book collection. In short, it is a ‘best-buy’ e-book reader that most caregivers would like to gift to the first-time e-book users.

Review Overall

Summary: If readers are sure that they can read for hours with a 5 inch e-reader, they can pick the non-so-expensive Kobo Mini. However, if cramped look strain your eyes, this product is not the ideal one for you.
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