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Lenovo G505 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

LiLing KimReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5) Updated On: Aug 8, 2014

lenovo G505 review

Laptops are handy to carry but very few have ergonomically designed keyboard and screen resolution that is comfortable to the eye – at a cost that will not pinch your pocket. Lenovo G505 15.6-Inch Laptop is a unique mobile computer that has a modestly big screen and a well-built keyboard. It is a suitable gizmo that writers or reporters often opt for – especially when they need to be mobile but also script long articles or cover a live news edition.


The tad heavy yet portable Lenovo model looks ordinary at the first glance. However, it is sturdy enough to withstand certain amount of external pressures, dust, and humidity. The plastic chassis makes it light. However, the 2.4kg gizmo is pretty durable and does not flex. Just 28mm thick, the G505 model is 14.80 inch long and 9.84 inch wide. In short, it is portable and not delicate – just right to be carried at a busy market.

There is a strong keyboard with keys which help for comfortable typing. In fact, many writers have typed on for hours without getting a nagging pain in the fingers or palm. The ergonomically designed keyboard has a nice resting pad and touchpad that acts as a pointing device.


The quad-core AMD E1-2100 is a robust processor that allows continuous multitasking. The processor speed is 1GHz. The gizmo has 1MB cache option as well. The internal memory is 4GB DDR3 that offers a memory speed of 16MHz. The hard disk capacity is 320GB that offers a spin speed of 5400 rpm. In a nutshell, the computing technology is quite up to the mark that supports dual-layer media, high definition images and videos, useful multimedia tasks.

lenovo G505 review
There is a dedicated ATI RADEON 8210 graphics card that can store or host heavy visuals with ease.  So, users can seamlessly view and hear voiceovers of an educational web CD as well as perform other tasks. The 15.6-inch high definition LED display offers non-touch widescreen display. The aspect ratio of the display is also at standard ratio: 16:9.

The laptop has an integrated HD webcam which offers a video of 720p. There is HDMI connection, audio port, one USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, a memory card slot, and a LAN interface. The practical gadget is equipped with an AccuType Keyboard along with a detailed numeric keypad. This allows users with writing activities to script pages continuously. If the system is subjected to a virus attack, the OneKey Recovery utility serves as a means to recover the data and restore the system.

lenovo G505 review


A modestly efficient processing utility allows quick refreshes and seamless multitasking. The quad-core option provides a robust computing infrastructure to the laptop. Although there is no multi-touch facility, yet users will not be barred from viewing bright and crisp images. At a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the Lenovo model has near realistic images as it offers a perfect contrast between the colors.

All laptops are equipped with multimedia options. But, for an art critic it is necessary to get a perfect combination of sound and display. The G-series Lenovo model has stereo speakers which are aided with Dolby Advanced Audio v2 software utility. The visuals can be viewed perfectly as the AMD Radeon graphics accelerator allows speedy processing.

With a DVDRW optical device, the multimedia CDs and web tools can be accessed and read. If needed, the user can transfer data from the laptop to the cloud or office desktop in a jiffy as there is USB3.0 supporting port. The laptop can be connected wirelessly as well as through a LAN. The gizmo is compatible with 802.11bgn wireless connectivity that ensures fast transfer of data – through wireless means.

The 6-cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery offers a battery life of 4 hours when used with a moderate playback. The battery takes up 65W power supply.

Help and Customer Support

The Lenovo products are well-made and generally don’t develop a technical snag. However, if users are stuck while using this gizmo, they can troubleshoot or check videos which provide useful information and tips. The best way to go about for getting suitable help is to visit the support section of the Lenovo website. For more issues, a representative can be called on to solve the problem.


The low-end laptop is suitable for some activities – especially those who want to use it for business purposes or for writing. At $370 or so, it is indeed cost effective and a useful tool.

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Review Overall

Strongly recommand
Summary: All in all, users who are keen to use this laptop for communicating, writing, and churning out presentations will find this branded product a neat little versatile computing gizmo.
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