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Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review

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Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation from Make Up Forever beauty-care has been able to provide a flawless yet natural looking base for the skin just before further makeup is applied. As the name suggested, this foundation is designed for high definition camera, which means it is able to give a fine and smooth finish that even under the camera, you skin will look flawless. Find out why this foundation is here to stay.


There are 26 shades of this foundation which are sold in the market in 1.01 oz volume. The thick bottle contains the foundation. The cylindrical container reveals the color of the foundation as the glass is transparent. The bottle ends in a black colored dispenser. A short, effortless dispenser is located at the mouth. The pump can be locked to keep the liquid from oozing out accidentally.

The bottle is kept in a black cover box. A list of ingredients and method to use the foundation is listed out on the sides of the box. Make sure, that the foundation is kept in a cool dry place.

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review


Just few pumps of the foundation are required to daub the entire face. The face should be first cleaned with a cleanser. The drops of the foundation is taken in a damp sponge and daubed on the face. Make Up Forever Foundation is put especially in spots which are dark or have acne.

The texture of the solution is liquid and thin. It is cool to feel. It takes some time to dry up. This allows the user to massage it well in all the areas of the face and neck region. The skin soon, feels light and cool. The blemishes disappear no sooner the foundation dries up. The product is ideally a sheer foundation which does not leave any marks on the skin. It is neither cakey nor dry. The skin becomes smooth and elastic. It reveals its natural color with a subtle glow. The toned skin gets an oil-free medium. The skin imperfections become invisible.

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review


The foundation is not scented. However, a typical whiff can be felt no sooner it is put on the palm. There can be a slight floral scent in the foundation. However, the fragrance soon vanishes once the foundation settles in the skin. In any case, the smell is pleasant and refreshing.


The medium coverage and buildable foundation is quite effective even for highly rough and acne prone skin. In the first application, the foundation is really ‘invisible’ – as the name suggests. This face is velvety and ready for the party. However, if a second application is done after the first, the face at once shows that a retouch has been done. The oil-free solution does not leave a shine on the face. Nor does it completely give a matte and dull finish.

The Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover foundation has moisturizing agent that helps to make the skin supple and soft. It rejuvenates the skin by removing the radicals – agents that destroy the natural skin collagen. The anti-oxidants in the foundation help to make the skin look radiant. The skin is hydrated so sooner the drops of the foundation are applied to the skin. It looks energetic and rested.

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review


Not found in other foundations, this product has Relipidium that helps to moisturize the skin. The skin looks hydrated and supple. The product has Fucogel, which helps to form a balm that does not allow skin moisture to escape. The microfilm helps to keep the skin hydrated and also protects the skin from weather conditions – especially during arid temperatures. The foundation also has Sericite, which ensures that light rays spread uniformly on the skin surface. So, at night, this foundation makes the skin glow with this element. The face becomes radiant due to the presence of Sericite.
There are also cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, and hydrocarbons which help the skin look hydrated and buoyant. There are also traces of Neopentyl Glycol Diethylhexanoate, mica, talc, sodium chloride, lauroyl lysine, Fagus Sylvatica bud extract, Biosaccharide Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate, sorbitan sesquioleate, yeast protein, methylpropanediol, sodium myristoyl glutamate, and other hydrocarbons. There are constituents of benzoic acid, titanium dioxide and iron oxides.


A small bottle of 1.01 oz costs around $45 – quite pricey. However, this product gives you enough coverage and long lasting effect. So, if money is not the constraint and your skin looks dehydrated, you may go for it.

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Summary: Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation is a medium coverage, high definition foundation, works especially great in front of the camera.
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