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Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review

Elegant, glamorous, and versatile Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet has Windows 8 OS and suavely allows users to perform multi-tasking jobs easily. It is cool for techies to possess this magnesium-built gadget as they can enjoy using a chic mini-PC even when traveling. But, interested buyers need to spend a whooping near $900 for it (unless you can bargain for a discount). Nevertheless, check out whether it is a masterpiece that should be in your collection.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review


Packed with 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317U processor, Intel HM77 chipset, 128GB SSD hard disk, and 4GB memory, Microsoft Surface Pro has a resilient computing technology. The speed is ‘superfast’ that allows users to work with the plush stylus (pen). The Intel HD Graphics 4000 also gives gamers some passionate moments as they can play games with heavy graphics interface. The screen refreshes within seconds and multiple tasks can be done without hampering the speed of the tablet.

There is an option to fit in 2TB card for extra storage facility. A memory card reader is also available to ensure smooth detection of data in the memory card. The flash memory option of 64GB gives it a powerful edge over other tablets.


The 10.6 inch touchscreen is no ordinary display. As expected from Microsoft, the display made up of LCD technology offers a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a pixel density of 208 ppi. The scratch-resistant glass is light sensitive. It is a dual digitizer that senses active pressured touches as well as passive subtle touches. The IPS display has mini audio and video port. Users can also tweak from VGA to HDMI formats – an adaptor will be required. The users get a ‘retina display’ which gives them an opportunity to paint or navigate seamlessly through the tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review

There are two versions – type cover and touch cover. The type cover has a keyboard with depressible keys while touch cover has a membrane keyboard. The stylus pen is quite useful and sensitive than the one available in iPads. But surprisingly, a dedicated place for the stylus is missing. There are options to attach the tablet with the PC or its monitor. There are built-in stereo speakers as well. The USB 3.0 and SD Card reader help data transfer quickly.


There is one front and another rear camera (100MP) which allows high resolution (1280*720) images. The camcorder offers 1280*720 resolution (720p HD) and 29 frames per second (fps). Users can easily click images and connect them to a Bluetooth utility. They can also share the same at the social media networking sites. Images can be sorted in different folders or shared at the social networking sites.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review

Battery Life

The lithium-ion Battery is good enough to ensure at least 7 hours of use. If a video playback is being played, the battery lasts for nearly 4.5 hours. Considering others in the market, perhaps Microsoft could have done a better job in this category. Moreover, the battery cannot be replaced by the user. Nevertheless, the battery is otherwise resilient.


The exquisitely sleek design tablet is just right for the executive class. It weighs around 907 gram and measures 275 x 173 x 13 mm. The high-range Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity ensures that users stay connected online even when they are traveling.

The convenient keyword, stylus, and touchscreen options seamlessly help the user to work while on transit. The tablet is aided with a video port, 3.5 mm headphone, and G-sensors. Video-based games or movies can be run using these ports effortlessly. Although the tablet does not have a preinstalled MS Office utility, yet it can be installed and used just like one in a laptop of this configuration.


Microsoft products are prestigious and cater to the niche class. At a price of nearly $900, buyers can expect to get a dream tablet with perhaps little or no glitches. Rightly so, Microsoft Surface Pro proves this criterion. However, a little more user-friendly battery and better rear camera resolution would make the tablet a near-perfect piece.

Help and Customer Support

Microsoft has dedicated customer support cells. If you want to know more about the tablet’s specification, you can always turn to their official website. There is a detailed reference about warranty, user guide, and software downloads.

This great tablet can be a useful gizmo for techies had it been equipped with USB-Ethernet adapter. Nevertheless, it still one of the safe (packed by BitLocker encryption utility to encrypt the hard disk) and hassle-free tablets in the market.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet
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Review Overall

Summary: Efficient processor, useful features, touch and type covers, trendy stylus, and robust software unit. But battery cannot be replaced by the user, fewer ports, and rather heavy as compared to other tablets.
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