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Moroccan oil Treatment

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There is no substitute to hair conditioner and it’s important to get a healthy hair. This is the view of old generation and this is very true. That is why our old generation has a very thick and strong hair. Any type of hair oil has several effects. It generates an extra layer on the hair if applied and protects our hair from pollution, strong sunlight etc.

Hot oil massage increases the blood circulation on the scalp which in turn helps the hair to grow by nourishing the hair. It can prevents hair breakage by soften the hair. Oil massage is also very helpful to cut out the stress and you will feel very relaxed. Stresses and tiredness causes heavy hair falls. So oil has a great role to treat the hair fall problem also.

MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT (1)Hair oil is must for everyone if you want to get a good and healthy hair. Oil is the therapy to all the problems related to hair. But too thick oil can be harmful as it misbalances the PH level presented in the scalp. If the oil is very thick then it stays back on the hair after washing also which reduces the PH level and hair fall starts as there is a strong relation between PH level and hair fall. If the level of PH decreases on the scalp then it brings more hair fall. So be very careful while choosing the hair oil for you.

Moroccan hair oil is one of the ultra light hair oils that is very effective and has endless benefits. It’s not thick at all and goes clearly after one wash. So it does all the works of oil and maintains a balanced PH level on the scalp. This oil is very easily absorbed by the hair after applying. This is discussed in detail about the smell, texture, ingredients and other details for your benefits.


This oil is available in 41.99$ with free shipping. The price is very reasonable and do not consider the price first if you want to own a good and healthy hair. Your hair should be the first priority. So get the oil to get back your soft hair and save it from being damaged. And if you already have a good hair then get the oil to maintain your hair.

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This oil is packed in a long shaped bottle. The bottle is made of plastic which is type of chocolate color and the cap is of black color which is also made of plastic. The cap is sealed and you need to tear it for the first time use. The bottle is transparent that allows you to see the oil from outside. A label of Moroccan oil is made on the bottle. It’s off sky color. This bottle is packed in a sky colored box. Overall the packaging looks good.


It’s very light oil. No thick at all. You can say it’s a liquid. A small amount of this is sufficient to apply on the hair. First apply on the very dry area of the hair and rub gently. As the end portion of the hair becomes drier than other area, so apply there first and then spread it to all over the hair and scalp by doing massage. Also the oil can be spread through the hair and scalp by combing. But use those types of brush which contains less no of stick. Leave the oil on the hair overnight to get a good result.



The smell is not that strong and it’s kind of musky. You may or may not like the smell but it’s not bad. The smell is very different and does not create any uneasy feelings to those who are very sensitive to smell. So very easily everyone can go with this oil.


Moroccan oil is one of the best oils that takes proper care of your hair and maintains it nicely. It has several benefits and these are: it minimizes the hair breakage and makes it soft, strengthens the fragile hair, save the hair from UV rays and pollution, repair the dull and breakage hair and provides healing. You need very small amount on your hand and apply gently on your hair. It also makes the hair shiny. This oil is best to treat the frizzy and dry hair. If you apply this oil before straightening or ironing your hair will look very shiny and glossy. This oil also stimulates and hydrates the hair and wig.



Argan oil which is very powerful and vital for hair treatment is presented in large quantity in this oil. In other words argan oil is the main ingredient of Moroccan hair oil. This is absolutely free of alcohol. Your hair will get great nourishing from this oil.

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Summary: Moroccan oil is one of the best oils that takes proper care of your hair and maintains it nicely.
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