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MSI GT70 Dominator PRO Review  

LiLing KimReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¾ (4.75) Updated On: Aug 17, 2014

Gaming experts say that playing video games helps gamers to make strategic planning and promote multi-tasking abilities. If you are all set for a thrilling experience of playing the ‘hunter’ of an adventurous gaming video, you must have an equally powerful gaming laptop. MSI GT70 Dominator PRO is powered by super-fast computing technologies and many utilities. Check some more facts about this gaming device to decide whether it’s within your reach.

msi gt70 dominator pro review


The computing manufacturer, MSI intends to bring in novelty with style. So, the MSI GT70 Dominator PRO is exquisitely designed to allow gaming experts to have an entertaining session with combat or adventure video games. The laptop is made of brush metal with shiny finish and angular ends. It is a sturdy mobile computer with dimensions measuring 16.85 x 2.17 x 11.34 inches. The heavy body weighs nearly 4kg.

Like a prestigious gaming laptop, this one too has a SteelSeries keyboard with pre-loaded SteelSeries Engine utility. With this, the user can customize various keys to create macros or sequences. The individual keys and functions can be programmed to perform a particular step in a game. These may include a combination of computing devices – such as mouse, keys, headset, text macros, and similar options. This utility is more evolved than a laptop with just SteelSeries keyboard.

msi-gt70-dominator-pro review

The keyboard (which flexes little) is aided with a synaptic touchpad. The games can be played keeping the display in ‘laptop mode’. The 17-inch IPS technology-based screen has an anti-glare coating. There is also LED backlight. Together, these facilities allow the gamer to perfectly get a view of the screen in any light.


The laptop is all set to host high-end 3D multi-planer video games. It is equipped with Intel Core i7-4900MQ processor( 4th generation ), which is noted for a continuous error-free performance speed of 2.8 GHz. If needed, it can be further packed with a Turbo Booster to increase the speed to 3.8GHz. There is a huge cache option (8MB).

Similar to any graphic-based laptop, this one too, has an efficient graphical processing unit (GPU) that is composed of nVIDIA based GeForceTM GTX 880M discreet graphics card. The speed it works is stipulated at 2500MHz speed. The dedicated 8MB GDDR5 memory is good enough to support application programming interface (API), Dx11. The internal memory or RAM is 32GB DDR3L that provides a memory speed of 1600 MHz. The robust GPU is aided with a suitable hard drive as well. Users will be happy to know that this laptop has 256GB SSD along with one TB that offers a spin speed of 7200 rpm.

The display does not have a touchscreen but it offers wide-viewing angles. The matrix-display supporting screen allows the gamer to add 3 more monitors to it. So, the gaming sequences can be watched seamlessly at any plane by the user through 4 displays (including the original laptop screen). At a powerful resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the users are in for a mesmerizing treat.

So, gaming freaks can simply put in a BR-ROM or DVD into the dual-layer Blu-ray writer to load a powerful game. The computing backend of the laptop is capable of showcasing a sensational movie game with realistic videos and images.


The Dominator Pro model performs efficiently as it is packed with the latest computing tools. Apart from fast performing chips and memory options, it has the Super RAID 2 that allows a reading speed of 1500MB per second.

The multimedia laptop has powerful audio system that integrates with the system. The Dynaudio provides the perfect bass and pitch to create a sensational atmosphere for the game. There is also a Killer E2200 Game Networking utility that is integrated in the laptop. It allows the user to access the networking capabilities for these games. The XSplit Gamecaster utility allows interaction with social media sites in a jiffy and record gaming sequences or reviews quickly.

The powerful mini-computer which seamlessly does it work, does not heat up. MSI has provides its patented Cooler Boost 2 technology that quells heat by 15 percent. Noise is also reduced.

Help and Customer Support

Newbie need not worry about how to use the sophisticated gaming device. The Taiwan IT company has a dedicated customer service section that allows the users to get product support, check warranty options, and acquire additional data on accessories needed to work with the gaming laptop. The new user must register their product and login to a secured online center to get assistance.


Considering the features and performance ability, the gizmo is worth the price – tagged at $1,900. If you can meet the budget, why go further? – Settle for MSI GT70 Dominator PRO.

MSI GT70 Dominator PRO $2779.97

Review Overall

Highly Recommended
Summary: It's just a dream of the gamers with Speed SSD , powerful CPU and FHD screen with big number of RAM.Why not own one and play with?
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