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MSI GX60 1AC-012US Review

MSI GX60 1AC Review

Taiwan-based IT major, MSI ‘insists on the best’ and is keen to give gamers a pulsating entertainment. Gone are the days when slow-speed games ruled the roost. Today, 3D animations have made their way into the gaming world. The technology must be powered by Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) where high-end graphics are showcased seamlessly. But MSI GX60 1AC-012US has lot more than extra video memory and greater processing power. Little high priced, find out if this gizmo is the ultimate gaming device you want to settle for.

Design of MSI GX60 1AC-012US

A robust and hefty designed laptop measures (14.97 x 10.24 x 1.77) inches and weighs heavy at nearly 8 pounds. But, if you are a gaming freak, you will know that the huge chassis with equally matching material of black carbonate is just right to play a sensational Assasin Creed or Dark Souls. The huge laptop can be also switched to desktop mode if required. The plastic cover can be effortlessly removed to access the interiors.

For all gaming gizmos, the input device is very important. Some has joystick while some, like the GX60 model, has a SteelSeries keyboard. In other words, the laptop has a gaming keyboard which allows effortless navigation, meeting multitasks with just few clicks or a combo of clicks (through macro keys), and many more options. Gamers will not get the typical ‘ghosting’ option that they experience in a normal keyboard.

MSI GX60 1AC Review

A superbly well-made keyboard is also aided with a touchpad in a niche chassis. Although it does not accept Win 8 gestures, yet it is good enough to aid the sequences of the keys. The 15.5-inch screen is not a touchscreen. Nevertheless, it offers high resolution images and videos.

MSI GX60 1AC-012US Review on Features

For all gaming laptops, it is necessary to have a remarkably fast performing processor, standalone graphics card, and good storage option. The MSI’s gaming gadget has AMD A10-5750M that shoots up speed to 2.5 GHz. The 4MB cache option is also available. The memory of 8GB SO-DIMM RAM is way beyond the minimum standard of 4MB that is required to play a 3D game. The storage capacity is 1024 GB or 1 TB with a spin speed of around 7200 rpm. Note, this laptop does not have an SSD option (which would help in fast refresh time).

MSI GX60 1AC Review

The GPU is aided with 2000MB dedicated graphics memory and AMD Radeon R9 M290X graphics processor, which provides a suitable infrastructure for hosting a high-end video game. There are three USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer. The laptop supports DVD SuperMulti option as its optical drive utility. So, DVD-based video shows can be easily placed on the drive to take a quick look. Aided with an SD memory card reader, an audio output, an USB 2.0 port, Ethernet LAN (RJ45) port, a VGA output, a Mini DisplayPort, and an HDMI output, the laptop is all set to provide seamless multimedia experience to the user.

Performance of MSI GX60 1AC-012US

 The MSI GX60 1AC-012US laptop has all the minimum specifications required for being a gaming gizmo. The high performance speed and useful graphics technology allows users to play games conveniently and view realistic videos and images. In fact, powered by triple-screen display facility, the laptop can be connected to two more monitors through its three video outputs ‘Eyefinity’ based display. So, this laptop is just right for those sensational multi-dimensional and triple-screen aided games, such as ‘The Crew’ or ‘Doom 4’.

How about checking these game movies in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels? If users attach 2 more monitors, the display multiples even more. Explicit colors of the videos give a realistic feel. If the optical device allowed a Blu-Ray facility, the interaction would have been even greater.

Matching with the images is the audio performance of the laptop. The audio card and software used for it provides unblemished sound that fills the entire room. So, the gizmo is good enough for watching a FHD gaming movies without any freezes or glitches.

MSI GX60 1AC Review

Operating in Windows 8 interface, the gizmo is stable and efficient. The battery can go up to more than 4 hours without being recharged – even when the laptop is working on an ‘airplane’ and ‘video’ mode. With power adapter, there is no need for worrying about getting stuck during a sensational game midway.

Help and Customer Support

The gaming laptop is supported by a helpful customer care unit from MSI. Users need to access the customer service section to get useful information on warranty, technical support, quick start option and more.


Now  this gizmo is sold not more than $1100 on Amazon, so if gaming is your first choice, get ready to own the MSI GX60 1AC .

MSI GX60 1AC $1093.99
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Review Overall

Summary: If you are looking for a gaming laptop with useful specifications to play a continuous game, this laptop is perhaps the right one for you.
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