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Nextbook 10.1 Intel Quad Core 2 in 1 Tablet Review

Sally XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¼ (4.25) Updated On: Mar 19, 2015

Nextbook 10.1 Intel Quad Core 2 in 1 Tablet Review –  The best-value choice 

The Nextbook 10.1 Intel Quad Core 2 in 1 is a decent tablet that comes for a low price. If you are a student or a working professional looking for a device which lets you work effortlessly then look no further. In this review, we will find out if this device lives up to its expectation or not. The first thing about this tablet is that, it is simple. See more tablet review here.

Nextbook 10.1 Intel Quad Core 2 in 1 Tablet Review

Unlike other devices which come with several features and accessories fitted in it, this device is simple. This is a good thing about the tablet. The simple the device, the better it is. It is easy to operate and work. Sometimes it is these devices which are simple that help you get your work done faster and without much squabbles.


The price of the device is $230. which makes it probably the best-value 10-inch tablet out there. Though it’s not built with dazzling features, it worthies every penny it costs. And the long battery life is another highlight .

Nextbook 10.1 Intel Tablet


The design of the tablet is simple, overall. You do not have any fancy features and accessories to work with. Like mentioned earlier, you will not find it complicated at all. You can easily hold the tablet in your palms and grip it without any issues. It is sleek and slender which makes it light. That makes it easy to use and perform your tasks.

The screen is 10.1 in and provides you with 1280 x 800 resolution images that you are looking for. The tablet comes with a foldable keyboard which can be detached. Performing activities like typing and storing your research papers is easy. You can hold the tablet for several hours when performing your tasks.


Nextbook 10.1 Intel Quad Core 2 in 1 Tablet Review

The performance of the tablet is quite satisfactory for a Quad-Core Intel processor. It comes with a Windows 2 in 1 Touch that lets you type what you want. You can select your activity and style. There are many apps present in the Windows Store using which you play Xbox games, listen to music and watch videos.

You can use Skype to chat with video and share your photos using the OneDrive. The POGO keyboard comes with a foldable tablet as do in a laptop and you perform your activities. You got a 2MP webcam at the rear and 0.3MP camera in the front. You can make use of the Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1 year subscription which is included.

Pros of the tablet

The major benefit of having this device is that, it comes priced cheap. You cannot get a tablet less than $400. You can look around and even bargain if you can in stores, but you be rest assured that a tablet priced at $190 cannot be found even if you searched all over the earth. Though you may have to purchase the dock, it costs only $40.

The tablet uses the Windows 8.1 which is fast and lets you perform all the tasks you want to. You can run software provided that it meets the requirements. Another good thing about this tablet is that it starts and works in a few seconds itself. You do not have to wait for long. The moment you switch it on, you are working in a matter of few seconds.

Cons of the device

The storage space in the tablet is less. That can prove to be a disaster, especially when you got a lot of content to store. With the updates and Microsoft Office installed on your device, you are left with 20GB. That is not large as far as tablets are concerned. When you got documents, photographs, and videos to store, 20GB might not fit everything.

The keyboard tends to work slowly especially when you want to type quickly. This can be annoying especially for those of you who type a lot. You will not be happy with the fact that the device does not come with a USB port. However, it comes with a micro USB port. You can use that instead of a USB port.

Review Overall

Summary: The Nextbook 10.1 Intel Quad Core 2 cannot be called as the perfect tablet. But it’s capable of all functions a quality tablet should possess. So if you are looking for a simple device for casual entertainment, this is the one.
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