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Orbo Jr. 4GB Five Point Multi Touch Tablet PC Review

Vikki LaiReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.4) Updated On: Mar 24, 2015

Limitless fun with the Orbo Jr. 4GB Five Point Multi Touch Tablet PC

Gone are those days when children love to play with the teddy bears and Barbie dolls. Kids of this digital age appreciate tech-friendly toys. Today, in this era of high-technology, little toddlers have also become quite advance and techno-savvy. They love to play with the tablet PC and iPads. So, for all the kids who love to play with the technology, they can go with this exclusively designed Orbo Jr. 4GB Android Multi Touch Tablet PC especially designed Kids Edition. See more electronics review here.

Limitless fun with the Orbo Jr. 4GB Five Point Multi Touch Tablet PC

This wireless device keeps your kid entertained and will make him learn and grasp new and knowledgeable things. It is loaded with thousands of exciting games. The storage capacity of this kid Tablet PC is just mind-blowing. You will get the clear and crisp sound while watching the video is phenomenal.


You can get this mind blowing device at just $59.95. This will surely serve as the best toy for your child. It will not just provide them with a fun time but will also enhance their knowledge. You can’t buy any other device better than this for your growing child at such budget friendly price rates. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours options which are favourites of all kids, such as red, blue, green, and pink etc. you can choose the one which is your kids personal favourite.

Orbo Jr. Tablet PC
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Everyone loves to go with the device that offers great speed and performance. Kids can’t wait longer for the loading time. They want easier and quicker access to their favourite games. The all new Orbo Jr. Android Multi-Touch Tablet Pc is provided with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version which offers quick access to the myriad of games and application.  Hard disk of 4GB is inbuilt in this device.


Limitless fun with the Orbo Jr. 4GB Five Point Multi Touch Tablet PC

The screen of this outstanding tablet is especially designed for kids. The screen of this tablet is scratch free and water resistant. The screen time is managed keeping the psychology and health of the kids in mind. 7 inch TFT capacitive multi touch screen display offers clear images of high resolution. Colors of the image on the screen appear more lively and impressive. The resolution power of this device is 1024 X 600 which is just amazing for a kid’s device.


Kids love to capture pictures. The advance Orbo Jr. Multi-touch Tablet PC is provided with camera that clicks beautiful pictures. The front camera is of 1.3 MP using which the kids can do video chat with their techno-savvy mothers, relatives and friends sitting far away. The front camera is just perfect for Tango, Skype etc. You can click selfies with your child and can cherish the memories throughout the life.

No just that, this kids Tablet PC comes up with a mind-blowing rear camera of 2MP using which you can capture the golden unforgettable moments for your kids.

Limitless fun with the Orbo Jr. 4GB Five Point Multi Touch Tablet PC

Battery Life

Kids love to spend ample of time with their favourite gadgets. Therefore, for assuring flawless experience, Orbo Jr. Five Point Multi Touch Tablet PC is provided with the battery life of four hours. But if your kid wants to enjoy the games and applications for longer time, then you can set it on charging mode and continue.


The Orbo Jr. Tablet is featured with a durable silicon case that protects the tablet from all kind of drops, knocks and scratches. It is light in weight and has a compact design to suit the little hands of your techno-savvy toddler. The outer silicon case will provide high level protection to the device.  It is easy to carry. This wireless Jr. Tablet PC can be used anywhere any time. This is an ideal kids tablet as it remains intact in the case when your kid will carry it around home or even outside.

Customer Help and Support

It is  better to go with those devices that offer dedicated customer care support to solve your all kind of technical problems regarding the handling of the device. The customer help and support services which are provide with this unique kid Tablet PC are satisfactory. You can call on the helpline number to get a perfect solution of your query. You can also check the online video for getting the technical assistance.

Review Overall

Summary: Worlds is changing and so the choice of kids when it comes to their toys. The all new Orbo Jr. Tablet PC is a perfect device for your kids which will serve as a mind-blowing interface. It not just provides a great fun time to your kid but is also extremely interactive and easy to use. It will enhance the reading abilities and vocabulary of your kid. It is loaded with some of your favourite apps, such as YouTube, Skype, Netflix, Google Chrome and a plethora of exciting games for both parents and kids. Every parents must buy this kid-friendly tablet for their loving child.
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