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Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil Review

Here comes my favourite cleansing oil —— Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil by Origins. Unlike many of my skincare products, I got this one rather randomly, so I didn’t expect too much from this oily cleaner in the first place. But now it has become my no.1 and everyday makeup remover!

Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil is Environment-friendly

The cleansing oil comes with a simple plastic bottle, no frills at all. According to the statement of Origins, their products are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices. And they use recycled materials wherever possible.

I reckon that explains why most of their products come without any pumps, which means you can either buy the pump separately or do without one. And I profoundly recommend a pump if you don’t want to make a mess. The pump goes perfectly well with the bottle. And it doesn’t have any leaking problems when carried in bag.

Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil Review

Natural Ingredient of Origin Gentle Cleansing Oil

The natural ingredient is certainly a highlight of this cleansing oil. It’s basically a mixture of fundamental oils, including sesame, sunflower oils, olive and all kinds of plant oils. It’s said to be a non–comedogenic and so it is. I’ve used up two bottles so far, and it’s absolutely safe and gentle.

If you have a skin that is prone to break out, you’d better avoid mineral oils. And this cleansing oil would be a perfect one for sensitive skin type.

The official site doesn’t provide the ingredient list, hence here’s the complete list for your reference.

Gentle Cleansing Oil ingredients

Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil Review

Kukui Nut and Macadamia help protect precious natural moisture resources. Vitamin E helps reduce effects of environmental hazards such as irritation that can threaten the comfort of skin.

Delightful Scent

It’s no surprise for a cleanser full of natural essential oil to have such a heavenly aroma. It has a fresh grass tone, with subtle sweetness of grapefruit coming along. The refreshing scent reminds me of a forest after rain. Because of the delightful smell, my everyday cleansing procedure is like a proper spa to me.

Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil Review on Effective and Gentle

This Origins cleansing oil works very effectively. It has a rather heavy texture I have to say. But then it’s an oil after all. It removes foundations and other makeups in no time, leaving no traces whatsoever. It can be applied on your whole face, including eyes and lips. I don’t have to use an extra cleanser to wash the oil afterwards. All in all, it cleans thoroughly and well without striping your skin. I feel clean and neat after using this oil .

Here’s the makeup removing test.

Origins Gentle Cleansing Oil Review

The picture on the right shows how the cleansing goes after applying the oil (before washing ).

1. Lipstick    2. Foundation    3. Eye shadow    4. Eye liner     5. Mascara( waterproof)

The Origins cleansing oil easily take away the trace of  foundation, eye shadow and eye liner. But as you can see in the picture, there’s still a little sign of lipstick and mascara ( on its defense I was using Ruby Woo and a waterproof mascara). So you can handle all kinds of basic makeups with this oil, but regarding to some persevering makeups, you need to be more patient or turn to a stronger cleanser instead.

Lasts Long

I got the product from amazon at $29.25 for 6.7oz. It’s certainly not a bargain. But it lasts amazingly long. I use two full pimps to when I’ve got makeups on, and just one otherwise. It lasts about five months in average. And that makes this oil the best-value cleanser I’ve ever used.

Review Overall

Summary: Will I repurchase this cleanser in the future? Of course I will! I haven’t found any reason not to love it! A powerful yet gentle cleansing oil with natural essential oils, what else do you expect from a remover? If you are looking for a suitable cleanser, this Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil is highly recommended.

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