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Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask Review

Shiryee MaReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.4) Updated On: Dec 2, 2014

I am only 25, but my skin already looked lifeless, and dull, at the same time my mother who is 52 has a natural and fresh face, no spots or wrinkles whatsoever, it started bothering me when people started pointing this out to me. I went to a skin doctor with my mother, and after examining my skin she told me there is nothing wrong with my skin, I go out a lot in day times, I am a sales associate, so the sun rays and the smoke from cars are causing the problems on my face.

She said cleansing and moisturizing are not enough for me, I need something more with this, she is the one who suggested me this Peter Thomas ROTH cucumber gel mask, and asked me to use it for three times a week, I took her suggestion and started using the gel mask, its two months now, here is my experience about using the gel mask.

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The gel is $32.90, may seem over priced for some women, but I personally don’t mind the price, I only use this for three times a week so the gel lasts for a long time. Also as I mentioned before I don’t use foundations, and compacts on my face anymore, so I save money there, also it’s not really a high price, the bottle is reasonably sized, not too small.

Even my mother says that I need to purchase this mask regularly even if its cost a little more than usual facial products. She can see the difference that the gel made on my skin; also I think I don’t need to do facials after using this gel, so also money is saving on parlor visits.

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This gel mask comes in a usual bottle with a white cap, the bottle is transparent I can already see the gel mask inside even before opening the bottle.


The texture is amazing, no I mean I really love to hold this gel, I mean whoever among us did not play with their jelly in their childhood? The mask is exactly like that. It feels like holding green jelly, I feel like a child again and I may or not made a little green ball with this mask, grownups can have fun too.

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It smells like cucumber jelly, the moment you open the bottle the refreshing smell of cucumber over powers your nose, it feels like summer all the time with this gel.


I love this gel, my skin is back to its teen years glow, and I can give my mom some tough competition for the freshest skin in the house hold. I just apply them three times a week after I come back from work, leave it 10 minutes to get dry, and then wash it with water, done, all my fatigue and tiredness from my face is gone.

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This is a magical product for people who goes out for a date night after work, I don’t even use foundation on my face when I go out, just my clear and soft face, and I am ready to face my man.He also likes my make up free fresh face and can’t stop giving compliments. The best part of this gel is even though I don’t really get pimples any more sometimes if I see a red spot or I burn it on something I just use the gel mask over it and leave it for overnight, and the next morning my skin is all clear again, it’s a miracle worker.

My skin always looks soft and glowing, I love touching my face, and if this goes on I think I will have skin like my mom too at her age. Before I forget I have dry skin and this is the best thing I ever applied on my skin.


Cucumbers of course and you can feel the presence of fresh cucumber from the smell; the product also has some other fruit extracts like pineapple and papaya. There are also some other natural fruits and leaves, and it is completely chemical free, I never had any reaction on my skin from using this gel.

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I love this Peter Thomas ROTH cucumber gel mask, I actually look forward to using this gel, the smell, texture everything about this gel is interesting and nothing like this I have used before, even though I am young I still need to take care of my skin, and I am glad that I found this gel. I don’t need to do long routine of face care to prevent my skin from ageing. Just this gel and I think this will be enough, I have a feeling this gel and I will have a long term relationship.

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Summary: This is a magical product for people who goes out for a date night after work,it will be your second-to-none choice.
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