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Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¾ (4.75) Updated On: Jul 14, 2014

Experienced fashionista will without-a-doubt choose a Peter Thomas Roth product. Though unassuming in appearance, the skincare products from the renowned company are quite popular among those who put on make-up, frequently. The Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser is a facial make-up and eye-liner remover that has useful vitamins to nourish the skin. The product attracts many because it lacks the corroding effect of soaps and sulfates. On top of it, the cleanser has nourishing powers and suavely removes acnes and skin impurities. But this is not all. Read on to know why many don’t go any further than securing this cleanser for their skin treatment.


The cleanser is bottled in not-so-assuming cylindrical container. The bottle is available at 200 ml or 6.7 fl oz volume. The bottle is made air-tight and the solution is stored away from light to ensure that it does not degrade. The mouth of the bottle is shaped into a pump that needs to be pressed to get the foamy cleanser. Simple and user-friendly, the cleanser bottle attracts both sexes due to its unbiased gender-friendly design. It is neither flashy in appearance nor cheap looking.

Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser Review


The texture of the cleanser is foamy that gives a creamy appearance when massaged on the skin. The lather cleanser is not caustic but soft on the skin. The texture of the skin after use seems to be soft, smooth, nourished, and hydrated. The dead cells are removed without hurting the skin – leaving it soft and velvety. As the vitamins act on the skin, it becomes free from radicals and gives a young, energetic look.

Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser Review


Typical of Peter Thomas Roth products, the cleanser does not have any fragrance. The idea is that the company does not intend to make it a cosmetic product. It wants to provide a useful and standard cleanser that cleans without hurting the skin. It has been seen that many plant fragrances are an irritant and unnecessarily damage the skin due to its aromatic plant oils. The Gentle Foaming cleanser is a non-irritant and non-beauty care product – it is mainly a clinical skincare solution for people who require putting on heavy make ups frequently.


The Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser is gentle on the skin but tough on the makeup elements, impurities, and pollutants. The foamy cleanser is best used when 2-3 pumps of the foamy cleanser are taken on the palm and gently massaged the face. The foamy lather must be put around the eyelids to remove the eye-liners. Many users massage the cleanser on the lips, cheek, or neck (usually places where the makeup is seen). Once the makeup is cleaned, the lather is wiped off with cotton or washed with tepid water. The skin should be patted dry. The cleanser can be further used with anti-aging creams to nourish the skin.
It revitalizes the skin from within and keeps it naturally fresh. There is no scrubbing element in it, and as a result, it gently cleans without disturbing the moisture-oil balance. Many users have found it the right antidote for cystic acnes, scaling, dryness, and skin rashes. It should be used once if the skin is moderately healthy. If not, the skin treatment should be increased 2-3 times each day for optimum results.
So, if you are checking out a quality product that does its job but keeps the originality of the skin, you can opt for the foaming cleanser.

Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser Review


The skincare solution is made up of Wheat Amino Acids that gently blends with vitamin A, C, and E. The combination is a potent anti-oxidant stimulant that rejuvenates the skin. The Wheat Amino Acids on the other hand helps to hydrate in the skin. Other ingredients are only plant derivatives that restore pH balance of the skin. The cleanser sans sulfates, alcohol elements, or soap helps to keep the skin young and retain its natural oils. There are surfactants which swiftly take off the impurities and make ups in the skin – but keep the natural elements intact. Apart from vitamins and amino acids, few other important ingredients include, water, glycerin, sodium cocoamphoacetate, sodium lauryl, and more.


A 1 fl. oz. bottle of Gentle Foaming Cleanser just costs $32. The amount is nominal compared to other beauty care products and cleansers available in the market. It is a ‘best buy’ product as it makes the skin healthy but removes impurities without damaging the intrinsic property of the skin.

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Summary: Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser removes excess oil as well as works on dryness and scaling of the skin. It is a five star recommendation.
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