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Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★¾☆ (3.7) Updated On: Jul 15, 2014

Philosophy is a noted skincare company that creates cleansers, shower gels, fragrances, and skin toning products. The Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil is a skin-cleaning solution that is composed of essential oils. The philosophy of the skincare experts in this company states that a clean skin will be far more receptive to other treatments than a skin with impurities. Working on this angle, essential oils have been roped in to ensure that the cleansing oil melts traces of impurities, dirt, and makeup comfortably and nurtures the skin from within.

Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil Review


The solution is packed in an unassuming bottle of 5.8 oz or 174ml. It comes in a clear plastic bottle with no pump on top. Every time you use it, you need to open the lid and put on some amount of the cleanser oil on the palm and massage it on the face, which I am not very satisfied with. A pump would really make things easier.

Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil Review


The essential oils in the cleanser work deep within the skin pores. The oil is not mineral oil but fragrance oil that is soft and not hurtful. The texture of the oil is quite light and not thick at all. The natural oils melt the dirt, external oily substances, and radicals. The skin however, retains its natural moisture level and pH concentration. There is no stinging or drying effect due to the cleansing process.


The aroma of Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil is similar to the purity products. It is herbal but sweet scented. It smells like the sandalwood. In any case, the aroma is long lasting but mild and appeals to majority of the users. The aroma of many essential oils often creates a strong organic smell. But, this cleanser does not have one. In fact it has a refreshing smell that is good enough enliven ones mood.

Effectiveness of Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil

The best way to use this cleansing oil is to ensure that the oil is massaged for 30-60 seconds and then, washed and patted dry. There is no residual oil makeup marks. Moreover, the hands and face does not remain greasy after use. In short, the oil gets absorbed in the skin and starts working deep inside it. It is able to emulsify easily. The cleanser is also lustrous. These traits show that it can be washed easily and no traces of the oil are noticed. In fact, the oil can be completely rinsed. When it comes in contact with water, it forms a milky white solution that can be washed over the skin easily. After washing the cleanser off your skin, there will be dry feelings at all.

Those who have dry skins that are sensitive to toners and cleansers should try this cleansing oil as it has useful properties to keep the skin hydrated. The Philosophy Purity Cleansing oil is a useful cleanser that removes waterproof makeup and mascara. It appeals to those who don’t want the skin to lose its natural oils and looking for a cleanser that can fully take off their makeups without giving a oily feeling. This cleansing oil thin but works well for any heavy or water prof makeups . The only thing I have to complain is the no pump-style packing.

Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil Review
Nevertheless, it is Philosophy’s creation that is noted for its long term effect on the skin. If you love to try it and the money is not the issue, you should go for it and get the unique feeling that other cleansing products fail to deliver.

Ingredients of Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil

The major ingredients include essential oils and other plant extracts. There are suitable constituents of rosewood, sandalwood, sage, pepper, seed oil, fruit oil, olive oil, wood oil, Cinnamomum Cassia Leaf oil, Carrot seed oil, Anthemis Nobilis flower oil, and Caprylyl Glycol. There is a suitable amount of water as well. There are natural oils, such as Geranium Maculatum oil, Cymbopogon Martini oil, and Guaiac extract. The rosewood oil provides a calming effect on the body apart from cleaning the skin. Sandalwood rejuvenates the spirit.

Price of Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil

A 5.8 fl. oz. bottle of Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil costs $25 – not high priced compared to the work it does and the useful cleaning properties it has. If you wear makeups on daily bases and look for an effective cleansing oil, Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil will be the one to keep your skin beautiful, hydrated, clean from impurities, and nourished.

Review Overall

Summary: Philosophy Purity Cleansing Oil is an effective cleansing oil, that contains essential.
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