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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is a handy tablet for youngsters that is compatible with apps and serves as an e-reader, music and video player, and lot more. The Wi-Fi enabled gadgets can be a playmate for tech-savvy people. Its Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS provides reliable and uninterrupted flow of data. But are tablets really worth the price? Check out now.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review on Speed

Galaxy Tab 3 has a dual-core Marvell PXA986 Cortex A9-based chip that is bit slower than the 8 inch Galaxy Tab 3 which runs on Samsung Exynos processor. The speed is around 1.5 GHz that allows users to conveniently play casual games, navigate, and complete one task at a time. For multi-tasking option, the processor does not offer the expected speed. Users can get frustrated when playing sports games.

The 8GB internal memory may be good enough when there is not much load in the system. However, one may require adding extra memory for more use – a slot for MicroSD card is available. Micro USB (5 V, 2 A) is also available for fast data transfer. The ‘Channel Bonding’ connection works seamlessly with this gizmo.

Display of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

As the name suggests, Galaxy Tab 3 has a 7-inch TFT display and a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels. There is 16 M screen color. There is a volume rocker key and a microphone to cancel out background noise. The display has audio jack, magnetic sensors, accelerometer, for noise cancellation, tilt management and so on.

Compared to others in the market, the resolution of the display is low and the text is jaggy. There is a slight bluish tinge in the display. Nevertheless, the viewing angles are quite good. However, web videos can be clicked to view. The system is compatible with Flash – that allows viewers to check Flash-based files. The user interface, TouchWiz v4.0 allows multi-touch tasks easily.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review on Camera

The tablet is equipped with two cameras. The front-end camera is 3.2 megapixel while the rear-end one is 1.3 megapixel. One can easily take ‘selfies’ and other photos. These can be shared in social media networks conveniently. It is possible for video-chatting and clicking photo-frames. Images are of 1024×600 resolutions. Videos are of 720×1280 p at 30 frames per second (fps). The cameras have a good tracking facility that assists users to get a focused picture.


Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

The Galaxy Tab 3 has a powerful 4000mAh Li-Ion battery that can last 7 hours of video playback and 17 days when not in use. In short, batteries are at par with those available in other tablets and iPads. Talk time up to 20 hours are permitted by the fully charged battery.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review on Portability

Compared to other tablets with similar features, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is slim-n-trim. It is not only easy to handle by adults but also by kids. Just 300 grams, the tablet is also conveniently shaped (111.1 x 188 x 9.9 mm). A powerful wireless connectivity allows users to use it while on the move. They can download Samsung and Google apps to view movies or execute chat sessions.

The handy Dropbox assist users to upload and download huge data in a jiffy. One can store 50GB of data in the Dropbox utility for 2 years without paying any subscription. All Galaxy products have been designed to give an exquisite look. This tablet too, has a bezel body and user-friendly tabs that allow better grip.


Help and Customer Support

Users can get instant help from a service center located nearby. The website offers information on brick-n-mortar service providing offices. Alternatively, you can check out the company portal to get information on warranty or download a user guide. The site also offers instant chat sessions with a customer care executive.

Unless you opt for an iPad instead, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is worth a try. It offers certain services, such as Samsung apps, Music Hub 1, Game Hub 2, ChatON, and ActiveSync that appeals to net-savvy users. The gizmo is a fair deal where you get some and lose some.

Pricing of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

At a price of nearly $160, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is bit expensive. Although the Samsung product is quite neat, yet buyers can easily opt for another tablet with better specifications and features at a similar price.

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Pros – The Android tablet is just right for kids who love to play video games. It is easy to click photos, listen to music, and social through the social networks. It also has as an excellent video support.

Cons – The tablet would have been more popular had it been less costly compared to the features it offers. Better parental control and high resolutions picture quality were expected – especially since it is a Samsung’s product.

Review Overall

Summary: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is overall an excellent tablet with Android system.
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