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Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¾ (4.75) Updated On: Aug 22, 2014

Want to moisturize your skin without making it greasy? Do you wish for that velvety skin? The Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter 300ml is the perfect product that will leave you satisfied. The cream is award winning and has won praise at many platforms for its outstanding deliverance. The cream will leave your skin creamy, smooth, and moisturized. The intense lotion comprises of aloe vera and shea butter that keeps your skin naturally moisturized. It is a perfect cream if you like to pamper your skin and keep it soft. The body butter is ideal for usage during harsh winters, rough work, intensive washing, or dry skin.


The cream comes packed in a plastic can that has a cover to secure it. The cream comes in a 300ml packaging and the pack weighs 10.1 US Fl. Oz. the can comes in a retro pink packaging. I believe the vintage, girly design of Soap & Glory would catch every girl’s eyes. All the products packaging of this brand is pink and cute.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter


The buttery feel of the cream will leave you wanting for more. The thick cream spreads smoothly over the skin. Rub the cream gently over the skin, massage it well and you will feel the lightness of its texture. It is non-greasy and hence does not leave any oily stains on clothes. It stays on the skin for a considerable amount of time. You can work all day and still the skin will stay moisturized. Your skin will be supple and smooth even after washing. Apply it repeatedly throughout the day without worrying about any side effects. Forget about flakiness, cracks, and chapped skin with this intense body butter.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter


Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter is scented with the classic fragrance of Soap & Glory. It has fragrances of strawberries, mandarin, bergamot, musk, amber, and warm vanilla all in one cream. All this will keep your skin nourished and senses refreshed. It is a feast for your nose. The combination of fruity and floral scents will surely attract some compliments.


  • Shea Butter- it contains Vitamin A that has been proven beneficiary for the skin along with anti-oxidants like Vitamin E that moisturizes and heals the skin at the same time.
  • Aloe Vera- it is another soothing scrub that treats sun burn. The presence of aloe vera in the cream brings a soothing and nourishing effect.
  • Rosehip Oil- it hydrates dry skin along with treating wrinkles
  • Vitamin E- it protects from UV exposure and environmental exposure.
  • Other key ingredients include coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, Rosa Moschata Seed Oil, and fragrance.


The cream is ideal for skin that cracks and dries in harsh weather. For best results the cream should be applied right after a bath. Apply generously and massage for some time into the skin. The cream absorbs well and locks the moisture in it. The result is that the skin retains its moisture. The aromas will soothe your mind, making it a total skin care. The thick texture of the cream makes it suitable as a night cream too. Apply it at night for a super soft skin in the morning and the whole day.


The cream has been loved by customers and has received great reviews. The 300ml casing is priced at $24.99. The price is not low, but you will definitely be pleased with what you pay for. The cream will be a great buy for the amazing moisturizing effect and long lasting.

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Summary: Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter is an ultra rich, moisturizing body butter. Great for dry skin and winter time.
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