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Sony PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-Reader Review

It isn’t possible to visit the library at anytime of the day, especially when one is on the move. However, Sony’s PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-reader is a useful alternative. Classy, slim-n-trim, and packed with millions of e-books, the e-book reader is beautiful portable library which anyone can carry. The Sony product performs well no doubt, but comes with a cost. Find out if it really suits your need.

Sony PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-Reader Review


Users looking for natural reading will not perhaps choose another e-reader. The snap-covered e-reader protects the touchscreen and saves power once it is closed. When open, readers can continue from where they started. Packed with anti-glare screen, users can read at any place and at any light. A low-light or night light is available for reading during the bedtime.

Sony’s unique technology – Advanced Page Refresh technology – ensure smooth and fast turning of pages. One can zoom-in documents as well as adjust margins and orientations. The ‘capacitive’ touchscreen is receptive to subtle touches.

The E-Ink technology not only gives a superb paper-like finish but also gives crisp and sharp images. High resolution of 758 x 1024 offers excellent picture of the text. With no ad option, the e-reader is a real treat for voracious readers. It is possible to bookmark and highlight text. In fact, users will be automatically saving the bookmark (the pages they had last read before closing the cover will be saved as a bookmark). The font styles and sizes can be tweaked. The 6 inch touchscreen is sensitive to a small touch.


As the name suggests, the e-reader is really ultra thin. At around 159 grams, the trendy piece can be easily carried around. The conveniently sized (5.6 x 1.3 x 9.5 inches) black cover e-reader from Sony has powerful battery that lasts for 2 months at least without Wi-Fi connectivity. If wireless option is used, the battery can work for 1.5 months. One can also boost a 3-minute quick charge that has the capacity of displaying 600 pages.

The elegant e-book reader is a classy pastime that one can enjoy while travelling. The cover is resilient enough to withstand external pressures, scratches, and dusts. Just pick it up like a book with one hand and continue reading.

Sony PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-Reader Review


The unique touchscreen is not only highly sensitive but also comfortable to the eye. The paper-like finish and user-friendly lights allow long hours of reading. The EPUB support and accessibility to Reader apps allows readers to share, download e-books of a variety of formats. The e-reader allows access to private and public libraries. The Ultra Slim e-book reader has an option for MicroSD where 30,000 or more e-books can be stored. Without the additional storage option, there is 2GB of internal storage capacity. Users can quickly download e-books and arrange them in their e-reader.

Wi-Fi enabled, the e-reader can be accessed even at remote locations. For more information on hotspots, users just need to click few buttons to know more. The wireless connectivity at 802.11 b, g, and n bandwidths is also encrypted with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encrypted codes.

Sony PTS-T3 Ultra Slim allows users to interact with social networking sites easily. One can share, upload and download from Facebook and Evernotes. Built-in dictionaries and translators help to make reading convenient. To top it all, the magnetic leader power-saving case protects the e-reader screen brilliantly.

Sony PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-Reader Review


A Sony product has a charm of its own. However, PRS-T3 Ultra Slim is a class by itself. It performs well. It has a classic design, convenient user-friendly utilities, and comfortable reading attributes. One can share e-books from any type of computer (Mac or PC). The e-reader has technological brilliance and added features to make reading experience happy and comfortable. The quick and effortless page turns is one of Sony’s great discovery – thanks to ‘Page Refresh’ knowhow.

Customer Support

Users need to visit the Sony center near their locality to address issues and concerns about the e-reader or check out their online support portal. When online, users need to register their product before availing downloads, user manuals, compatibility information, and repair options.


Meant for the niche class, Sony PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-reader comes with a cost – around $200. If you can afford it, there should not any reasons not to purchase it. For natural reading, the convenient piece is perhaps a passionate buy for those who love to mingle with books at all times. The entire e-reader kit from Sony has accessories, such as Micro USB Cable and a user guide.

Although a neat e-reader, users will not get any other form of entertainment. For instance, there is no audio jack, audio speaker, and audio file supporting capabilities or browsing option. So, plan to buy the e-reader if you are diehard booklover and keen to read only during your pastime.

Review Overall

Summary: Sony PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-Reader is light-weighted and comfortable to read. It does a great job in every aspect, except for a slightly high price.
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