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Sony VAIO S Series Review

LiLing KimReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5) Updated On: Aug 13, 2014

If you are globe-trotting on a business-cum-pleasure trip, here is a handy device which will be a suitable companion. The Sony VAIO S Series is a chic and slim laptop that can be noticed at once with unique VAIO logo on the cover. It is available in colorful covers with different hues.

A lucky owner can watch high-density movies or seamlessly conduct video conferencing. DVD videos can be stored and multiple tasks can be done – in a jiffy. If you are ready to pay for a Sony VAIO product, here is one.

Sony VAIO S review


Just like any ultrabook, this one too is slim-n-trim with thickness just 23mm and weight, 2kgs. The 380mm long and 255mm wide computing device actually looks like an attractive book that users can leisurely carry around while boarding a flight or taking a short bus trip. Made of magnesium alloy and aluminum, the trendy piece is light-weight yet resilient. The 15.5 inch display looks majestic with its anti-reflective and glossy screen.


The matte finish body has a black interior with an ergonomically designed keyboard and gesture-supported touchpad. There are 103-keys in the chiclet-style keyboard which is equipped with strong buttons and 9.05 mm key pitch. There is an attractive backlight for the keys as well.


While the design aspect supports the specifications of an ultrabook, the computing technologies are equally powerful to meets the demands laid down by Intel for being known as an ultrabook. The idea is to ensure that the mini-computer works efficiently by doing more work and taking up less power than a standard laptop Sony VAIO S Series offers a performance speed of 2.10 GHz. The Intel Core i7-3612QM processor’s speed can be enhanced further with Turbo Boost facility – speed going up to 3.10 GHz. Made from Intel HM77 Express chipset, the processor is resilient to multitask. At the same time, there is a 6MB cache option.

Sony VAIO S review

Along with the processing unit, the gizmo offers 4 GB internal memory. The DDR3L SDRAM can be further enhanced to 12GB as there are SO-DIMM and DDR3L SO-DIMM slots in it. The memory speed is reasonably high at 1333 MT/s. Backed by an equally robust hard disk drive of 750 GB, the storage unit has a Serial ATA interface and offers a spin speed of 5400 rpm.

Sony VAIO S is meant for watching movies, saving them in the ultrabook, and viewing them again during the free time. It also supports heavy-video games. Naturally, the ultrabook is aided with a graphics accelerator – which is none other than NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE. Along with this enhanced graphics booster, there is an Intel HD Graphics 4000 – which can be used in stamina mode. A dedicated video memory of 2GB DDR3 is available for seamless extra-rich graphical games.

The 15.5-inch multi-touch screen allows users to view FHD videos or videos at a resolution of (1920 x 1080) pixels. The TFT-display is enabled with LED backlight facility and has an option for VAIO Display Plus option.


The high-performing processor that is backed by equally robust memory option and hard disk facility allows the ultrabook to support multiple software threads. This hyper-threading technology has been introduced in the VAIO S Series. In other words, the ultrabook supports multi-tasking seamlessly.

The touchscreen display offers Diplay Plus option, which ensures that the viewers can watch movies in their original format, view images that are ‘true-to-life’ and realistic in nature, and get scratch-proof display screen. They can also experience wide-viewing angles and check out images even under the sunlight. The webcam provides HD images. It is compatible with ‘Exmor for PC’ and offers a resolution of (1280 x 1024) pixels.

There is a high-end DVD Super Multi optical drive, Windows 7 Pro OS, an ambient light sensor, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, battery connector, and security utilities. The ultrabook can be used anywhere and connected to the web through wireless network. It is compatible with a maximum transmission speed of 300 Mbps*9 and can connect to a Bluetooth device.

Help and Customer Support

Sony has a dedicated customer assistance cell that can be accessed online. The buyers can check into the site and check the intuitive navigation which guides them through various operations. They can take a look at the videos to know about the ideal way to use the gizmo. There is information on warranty, troubleshooting, and quick start options.


You can get Sony VAIO S Series at a price of nearly $1,000 – it isn’t very pricey compared to other Sony devices.

Review Overall

Strongly Recommended
Summary: If you want a perfect computing device that allows you to watch a TV show, latest movie thrillers, or melodious music, you have a stylish gizmo at hand.
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