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Tablet VS Ebook Reader, what should I buy?

Tablet VS Ebook Reader, what should I buy?

With so many benefits out of the digital hand held gadgets of the modern day kind, users now are overwhelmed with joy as they have got many options to spend time in an exciting, useful, entertaining, manner as and how they prefer to do so, with a great deal of ease and from wherever they want to do so. Tablets and the eBooks reader can be rated as top options at all, as the costs are not as higher as that of a personal desktop computer, but you do have plenty of features and functions incorporated in these devices. Most importantly, they are portable and you can be able to carry it easily to places where you move up down as per your professional and business demands you to do so. So what is the best option between the two? Is it the eBook reader that entices you with a range of books to be read in your own comfort zone or the tablets that are equipped with a range of productivity tools of the high end kind? Here we discuss that in detailed.

Reading performance

As you could have noticed evidently, the costs of the EBook readers are gradually on the declining note. It is possible to get a kindle now just for about 100 bucks or so. Similarly, you can get the nook for the same price range too. Barnes & Noble came up with this wonderful product nook to be appreciated well by the worldwide audience and at that point of time, the quote was on the higher side. As of now the costs are low and thousands of users are of the prime opinion that they are just talking now. Yes, this is the right price in fact. For a device that allows you to read and manage the EBooks cannot be sold anywhere at a higher price than this.

On the flip side of it, if you consider these ebook readers, these are just uni-purpose devices. You cannot be able to use it for anything else. Some of the devices do come up with the possibility for you to surf the web too. Technical limitations downsize that particular feature too. Remember, what you have is the e-paper screen which might not be suitable for browsing the sites that are suited for the computer screens. So, basically, all you can enjoy is sheer pleasure and fun of reading books and that is the exclusive purpose what we can limit an eBook reader for. Coming to tablets, the costs are way higher to the eBook readers in this case.

Using the device is easier for social media networking, e-reading and so on. It is possible to browse the web in a seamless fashion. It is possible to enjoy playing some amazing video games and you can use it as a web communications device formally too, just like how you use a lap top or a personal computer for. With that said, the MS office installations are possible now with the android OS incorporated in the Google nexus kind of tablets, for your best ease and comfort.

It is possible to read the eBooks that are containing the animations inside. It is possible to read the eBooks that has the images and the videos inside with the best interactive elements when you are using the tablets in the place of eBook reader.

E- Reading preferences will vary from one person to the other despite the facts mentioned above in favour of the tablets. Remember, the costs of the eBook reader are not as much as that of the tablets at any given day. So look for the following aspects in detailed.

  • How often do you need a Ebook reader to read the books
  • Do I need colour to fantasise my imagination while reading a book, all the while
  • What are the type of books that I like to read, is it just the guides or text books or the cook books alone or anything of the fiction and fantasy kind that includes those graphics and animation of the wildest kind?
  • Should I go for the enhanced eBooks?
  • How much time I spend per session on an average in reading the eBooks
  • How about the eye strains that the LEDs might cause to me?
  • How useful is the device going to be for my family members other than me inclusive of the children in the family and how often?
  • Do I need web connection through by device?
  • What are all the other purposes that you will need the device to serve, like listening to music, gaming and so on?

Based upon the wish list of yours, for the above questions, you need to select the right item that can fit in with your budget well. If it is going to be on the lower side, to be an eBook reader, then it is not a bad idea at all. If it is going to be on the higher side, to be a tablet, then it can be a versatile choice too. And we also present the best selection of Ebook Readers and Tablet of 2014.

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