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The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter Review

Once I was told that girls should like themselves first before it’s possible they fall in love with others. With the days passing by, I gradually get its essence. Indeed, investing in yourself shall go first, followed other necessary movements so that a more shining and attractive you  will present in front of the others. The other day I luckily discovered an amazing tool of beauty, that is The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter and here I wish to share my pleasant experience.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter is recognized as the best natural nourishing cream, especially for the dry skin. And it has been a celebrity in England.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter Review

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter Ingredients

  • Theobroma Cacao Butter (Emollient)
  • Cocos Nucifera Oil (Emollient/Hair Conditioner)
  • Parfum (Fragrance)
  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Emollient)
  • Whipping Cremorning (very precious calleidic composition)

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter Review


  • Massage into skin generally.
  •   It works even better straight after a bath or shower.
  •  It’s workable throughout the whole body.
  • I have to mention that sometimes it can play the role of hand cream, which displays its multiple functions.

Editor’s review

Rich in Cocos Nucifera Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this body butter is pretty mild, fantastic in softening and moisturizing the skin. That’s also the very reason why it’s the most ideal body massage oil for mothers-to-be and babies.

Inheriting the traditional characteristics, I think it’s good at melting with the body temperature. Whenever I put them on I can clearly feel my skin absorbs the body butter very soon and gets dewy and smooth. It’s really a magical thing and unless you have the same experience, you’ll never fully comprehend its mysterious beauty.

Due to the special design, the body butter emits the delicate and subtle smell of fruits. This fragrance is very refreshing and pleasing. Thus on the one hand, it is capable of being perfectly integrated into the skin, forming a solid cover layer; on the other, it spreads out the slight Tropical coconut scent.

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