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ThinkPad Twist 33472YU Review

Many business travelers require a versatile mini PC that will help them to do multiple jobs. For instance, they may like to share a presentation with a group or read through an interactive document. For such users, ThinkPad Twist 33472YU is a perfect gizmo. It allows the computing device to work as a tablet or get converted to an ultrabook. Its flip-n-fold design allows it to ‘twist’ the ThinkPad to work as a versatile gadget.

Sound incredible? Why not check the details of what this unique Lenovo product can do for its owner.

ThinkPad Twist 33472YU Review


The powerful ThinkPad is beautiful, sleek and slender. It is also resilient to external pressures, such as bumps, scratches, or falls. The computing device is an ‘ultrabook’ as it has a thickness of only 20mm. The 12.5-inch touchscreen offers multi-touch facilities and in-plane viewing. One of the unique properties of the ultrabook is that the screen can be twisted, turned, or folded for versatile viewing.  So, the sophisticated hinge allows the screen to be turned 360 degrees to be viewed as a tablet. It can be kept in standing mode for showing a presentation. One can also watch a movie along with others by just changing the orientation of the screen (such as the tent mode).

ThinkPad Twist 33472YU Review

The ultrabook is also compact and handy. It can be picked up and comfortably opened. The useful ports and other utilities are placed in such a way so that they take up less space. The input devices include a keyboard, touchpad, and a pointing stick. The keyboard for instance, is designed modestly well with 6 rows, 84 keys, and multimedia’ Fn’ keys. There is also an ergonomically designed ThinkVantage button. The keyboard and the interiors match well with the ultrabook’s carbon-fiber body. It looks cool and it is also quite sturdy.


The ThinkPad Twist has a powerful Intel-based 3rd- Generation Core i3-3217U processor. The processor can produce a speed of 1.8GHz. There is also a 3MB cache option. The processor is noted for producing 4-way performance boosting capabilities, especially for working with HD graphics. The 4GB (PC3-10600 DDR3) memory is good for multitasking. Although an optical drive is not included, the ultrabook has other useful features. There is a 320GB Serial ATA hard drive that produces 7200 rpm. Like all ultrabooks, this one too has an SSD drive (24GB capacity) that ensures various tasks are done using multiple disks.

ThinkPad Twist 33472YU Review

The useful gadget has adequate infrastructure to host high-end graphics-heavy games. The Intel HD Graphics 4000 gives detailed images. Along with a mini HDMI output, the gamers are sure to have a fun time with the gizmo.

The high definition TFT-based touchscreen only allows 5-point multi-touch display. The 12.5-inch variety could have had an improved multi-touch option like the other ultrabooks. However the users can easily pinch or slightly touch the screen for instructing the ultrabook. The gadget uses the Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology to accomplish this task. The screen offers a brightness of 350 candela-per-square-meters (cd/m²) and resolution of 1366 x 768 ppi for precise display of images and text.


The tough ThinkPad Twist can perform multiple tasks seamlessly and without taking a long time. It has a robust computing technology to help it perform well. There is a comprehensive multimedia option to allow users to listen to music, view movies, conduct video chats or connect to the web wirelessly.

A HD webcam allows a wide range of viewing angle. It is not sensitive to light and can capture videos at a resolution of 720p. The 4-in-1 media reader is compatible with Secure Digital High Capacity, SDXC, and multimedia card formats. The 2 USB 3.0 makes sure that the data is transferred in the ultrabook at a high speed.

The users can get a continuous wireless connectivity through high speed wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.0 interface. There is also hi-tech Realtek RTL8111F Gigabit Ethernet LAN. The battery has however, not-so-remarkable battery run-time of 6 hours, and during the battery test, Twist only last 4hours and 36 minutes in the 40% brightness, which is almost one or two hours less than its rivals.

Help and Customer Support

Lenovo allows users to get support from the website by specifying their product name and looking for adequate information from the website. The support center allows customers to check warranty options, read through manuals, get suitable downloads, watch videos on troubleshooting, and more. The request for support can also be done at the site.


If you can get an ultrabook at a price of about $500, you should consider yourself lucky. Most ultrabooks cost double or more. It is especially an attractive piece for casual users who love to play games or connect with friends through the ultrabook.

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Review Overall

Summary: Pick up the ThinkPad Twist 33472YU if you fancy the twist option in it. The computing product is also quite useful and cost-effective.
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