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Top 10 Useful Websites for Domain Tools

Domain tools become almost daily tools for your product, service or business can be one of the most challenging steps in establishing your online identity. There are many domain tools from websites that help guide customers for generating domain names, who’s hosting the domains, when a domain name will expire and many more. Below Top10inaction will introduce some of the top websites that has the most useful domain tools.

1) HostUCan

Ranked number 1 is Hostucan.net, an industry leading webmaster tools and service searching platform, is devoted to helping people to find the best tools and service to create web sites. Being one of the best places for domain search tools, Hostucan.net has several domain tools such as Domain search, Whois & Who Is hosting this tools to assist users with finding the cheapest domains, if a domain is available, who is hosting the website, etc.

Hostucan.net Domain search tool is committed to helping users quickly find out the cheapest domain name by including the registration fees from almost all the popular registrars; a built-in WHOIS system which means users can also check information about the registrant of a registered domain and its register, the registration date and when it expires.

Lastly, Who Is hosting this tool, this is for users that want to find out whos hosting any website. What’s unique about hostucan.net whos is hosting this tool is users can also find customer reviews from that particular website that they input into the search box.

For more information please visit www.hostucan.net

2) Domain Tools

DomainTools is another website that offers a wide range of tools such as; Domain search, domain report, Domain marketplace and more. The company also owns the popular whois database for researching the owner of a particular domain. Besides this, Domain Tools also gives users a list of the taken names using the top extension but the options for various keyword combinations.

Domain tools also uses the Reverse Whois, which enables users to discover the owners of all the domains that they currently owe and also domains that they’ve own in the past. Furthermore, another feature from Domain tools is their domain screenshot history. Basically, users just type in the domain of your choice and the results will fetch back recently screenshots from that website.

For more information please visit www.domaintools.com.

3) GoDaddy

Founded in 2005, GoDaddy is the world’s leading domain name since 2005 and has provided users with webhosting and domain names for millions of customers. The company also provides users with several of domain tools. GoDaddy has a domain name auction, domain name aftermarket and also a whois database.

GoDaddy also has some of the latest new domains extensions from hobby types, business, international and many more. Basically users just need to type in the domain of their choice and GoDaddy will fetch back a list of available domains and extensions i.e. if I type in “Web Hosting” GoDaddy will tell me if the domain is available and offer a wide range list of unique extensions i.e. .build, .guru, .net.uk and so on.

For more information please visit www.godaddy.com.

4) Sedo

Sedo is one of the largest online domain marketplaces and one of the best places to buy and sell domains. It has over 2 million users worldwide and trades domains in more than 20 languages. Sedo connects seller and buyers and makes it easy for users and companies to get access to the domains they need for their online business.

Furthermore, Sedo is also well-known and one of the biggest domain parking companies. Sedo offers a simple and easy to use domain parking interface. Users can pick keywords to optimize your parked pages and you have multiple templates to choose from.

For more information please visit http://sedo.com/.

5) WhoisHostingThis

WhoIsHostingThis is another leader in webmaster tools for domain and web hosting. The companys’ who Is hosting this tool allows users to discover which web host a website uses. Simply input any website address into the search box and hit enter, the tool will return with the result of the website IP, name servers web host, and a brief profile of the website.

Founded in 2007, WhoIshostingthis is gaining popularity and even large firms that include the UK government, New York Times, CNET, lifehacker and more have also become fans of the company.

For more information please visit http://www.whoishostingthis.com/.

6) DomainTyper

One of the basic and easy to use domain tool is Domain Typer. DomainTyper helps the process by giving users an easy tool that can check for available domain names. All users need do is enter their domain keywords and Domain Typer will fetch back whether that domain name is available.  The application goes a step further by helping users come up with a domain name that’s generate randomly and displays several possibilities to get the user started. The results show whether or not the name is currently available.

By default these results are shown for three top level domains (TLD’s) .com, .net and .org. For users that want to include more TLD’s, they can do so by selecting from the ‘Add Extension’ link that’s on the right.

For more information please visit http://domaintyper.com/.

7) Domainr

The Domainr Web site is simple and intuitive to use. Domainr allows you to explore the entire domain name space beyond the obvious .com, .net and .org, and discover new and interesting domain names.

Simply type a word or phrase on the search bar and Domainr will return several suggestions. Proceed with the registration process if you see a domain name that catches your fancy. For example, if you’re a guy named John and you’re looking for an appropriate URL for your brand /new personal blog, you simply type “John” into the search bar and let Domainr work its magic. The most desirable result would have to be “john.jp”, which uses the ccTLD for Japan. If this domain name is not yet already taken, then you might as well grab it.

For more information please visit https://domai.nr/.

8) DomainsBot

DomainsBot is an domain search application for generation of domain names, evaluation tools, and a vanity telephone number spinner.

Founded in 2004, DomainsBot simply takes your ideas and turns them into domains by displaying available domain suggestions; expiring and for-sale domains, alerting you of expired and providing a Whois search.

For instance, you could simply enter in the term “webhosting” and the website will do the rest and fetch a long list of available domains suggestions with many TLDS. Whats more is DomainsBot includes a Facebook and Twitter link next to each domain for users that want to also create a social media page with the term you enter in the search box.

For more information please visit http://www.domainsbot.com/.

9) Bust A Name

Bustaname is one of the best domain tools for searching by keywords. The company helps you find the perfect domain name by using its word combiner, finding similar words and checking for the availability of domains.

Furthermore, BustAName lets users to sort their domains names by list by length, number of syllables, quality (readability), and alphabetically. And you can save the list too. Besides this, you can also create groups of words to craft domain names, plurals, use hyphens, or even drop the last vowel.

For more information please visit http://www.bustaname.com/

10) Dot-o-mator

Another top domain tool is the Dot-o-Mator. The dot-o-mator lets you create domain name suggestions by selecting a list of words i.e. (games, shapes, tech) for the beginning and end of the domain. Word lists are entered or chosen from the predefined lists, then combined to view all of the possible name combinations.

If users see a name that they like, they can combine the two and see the result, which can then be moved to the scratchbox to check its availability. Availability may be checked to see if the domain name generated is available for domain registration, if not you can save to the scratchboard while continuing to try out other combinations.

For more information please visit http://www.dotomator.com/

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