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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

With Valentine’s day approaching, you might want to gift your girl friend or wife something which means a lot to her. This helps in strengthening your bond and let her know, how much you care for her. This is the ideal time of the year, to make her feel special. Girls love to receive gifts, especially on that special day.

When you are able to do that, you know that you have a girl friend or wife for life. The Valentines gifts doesn’t has to be very expensive, but it should be meaningful. When you are in a dilemma on what to gift your girl friend or wife, then you might want to read further attentively. This is something which every person who is in love or is married should know.


Girls and jewelry go hand-in-hand. You might not find a woman who does not like having jewelry on her. Worldwide girls buy jewelry for their personal use or as an investment.

We Recommend

XPY Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold, and Diamond Triple Heart Pendant Necklace - $98.46 (60% off)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

If you have no idea at all, go for this classic silver heart pendant, you can never go wrong with that on Valentine’s Day!


Like jewelry, watches come in different designs and prices. There is a wide range of watches for girls in the market. Based on your budget and preferences, you will want to make the buy. Usually girls prefer jewelry watches. They can be expensive, when you do not know how to look around.

We Recommend

kate spade new york Women’s 1YRU0180 Bazooka Pink Watch – $182.01 (7% off)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Not one girl can resist the temptation of putting this watch on her wrest.  If she gets a stunning watch like that, this would be her only topic for a whole month.


Kindle is one of the best gifts you can give to any woman. Girls love to read. You can rarely find a woman who does not like to sit and read for hours. The Kindle is the best gift for a woman who loves to read.

We Recommend

Kindle Voyage - $199

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This Kindle Voyage would bring her incomparable joy of reading in every sunny afternoon.

Wake-up light

Nothing’s more hateful than the alarm in the morning. Wake your sweetheart gently from now on. With this magic gear of course.  The interesting device can simulate the natural daylight and awake you nicely and slowly.

We Recommend

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation – $119.99 (29% off)

Valentine's Day Gift IdeasLet this device wake her up, she will have beautiful morning everyday!


Books are the best Valentines day gift ideas for her. Based on your woman preferences, you will want to gift her with books. When she likes to read novels, then gift her popular novel. If she likes to read about cooking, then gift her recipe book. Normally, girls would prefer being gifted with recipe books.

We Recommend

Pretty Honest: The Straight-talking Beauty Companion –  $29.34

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

CD &Vinyl

Music is the best way to show your love, and it can be a lifetime memory for her. It can be even better if you know her music taste. But if you are not sure, we have a brilliant recommendation here.

We Recommend

My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice – $10

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It’s probably the best album for Valentines this year.  Damien Rice  still manages to reach the depth within us after eight year’s silence.


Perfumes can be found in several ranges and prices. Girls and perfumes are almost inseparable. If your woman likes perfumes, then gift her one. You have many feminine brands that appeal to girls worldwide. You might want to find out her favorite brand and gift her likewise.

We Recommend

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne - $70.99 (32% off)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This delicate sweet yet fresh scent can definitely win you her heart. A certain smell can be a strong memory trigger, so every time she wears it, it will be you that appear in her mind.


Lipsticks are ideal Valentines day gift ideas for her. A  brand new lipstick is more of a lift for girls.

Girls like to wear them when they go for work or when attending parties. It is a good make up gift. Whether girls are young or old, they all like to appear at their best. You will want to make sure that you gift them a color which suits their skin tone.

We Recommend

Tom Ford Lip Color (FLAMINGO) – $67.99

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Tom Ford certainly knows how to make girls beautiful. This super flattery color can cheer her up in no time!

Hand cream

Hand creams are excellent gifts for girls as they help them feel better. Creams are mostly used by girls residing in any location of this planet. You have creams that have different purposes.

We Recommend

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - $28

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This classic and effective hand cream is a must have for winter time. Another safe choice for you though!


Hand bags are preferred by girls who want to appear at their best at office and home. Girls usually have hand bags blending with their dress. A black dress would have few matching hand bags. A red dress would come with few matching hand bags. When you feel that your woman loves hand bags, then you will want to ensure that you gift them with the right hand bag.

We Recommend

FURLA Candy Bauletto Satchel Handbag – $218 (30% off)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

You can also gift her chocolates or sweets, depending on what she prefers. You will want to have this list of Valentines day gift ideas for her in your mind when buying. Based on the gift you gift her with, she will have a special place for you in her heart. The whole idea is to make her feel happy and loved.

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